CBD vs Kratom Ultra Comparison

If you’re coming at CBD and Kratom for pain management or something else, you might be wondering what the best choice is. Both Kratom and CBD offer very attractive effects once inside the human body, reducing pain and staving off anxiety. Your personal choice depends on a number of factors.


Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It’s popular not only with the locals who chew the leaves, but with people all over the world. Kratom has recently risen to superhero status for individuals trying to get off traditional pain medications like Oxycontin. It hasn’t just worked well in this regard – it’s worked very well. So well in fact people are hoarding and ordering the powder in mass amounts to stock up in case Kratom gets banned. Big Pharma has clearly seen a drop in their profit reports as tens of thousands of people find relief in these alternative medicines.

When tossed and washed (the term for mixing Kratom into a drink and slugging it down) the compounds in Kratom make quick work of easing pain and boosting mood by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. Yes, while Kratom is not a traditional opioid medication it works through similar pathways to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. The thing is, Kratom has a very high safety profile unlike most pain medications where over 42,000 opioid related deaths were recorded in 2016.

There are a few drawbacks to Kratom though. The biggest drawback is the addictive nature of Kratom. Anybody who’s honest about Kratom will tell you Kratom is most definitely addictive. How addictive? From my personal experiences using Kratom and reading other testimonials, I would place Kratom slightly above coffee in terms of addictiveness and withdrawal. If you’re a daily coffee drinker you know what it’s like to miss your caffeine fix. Headaches, brain fog, fatigue, etc. I will not misguide you and say Kratom is addictive like Opiod medications. In fact, far from it. But, Kratom is addictive and you will withdraw from sudden stoppage. Don’t worry, it’s just a minor period of discomfort.



CBD or Cannabidiol is taken for many of the same reasons as Kratom, but it works in a completely different way. CBD is one of over 100 compounds and Cannabinoids found in Cannabis. These Cannabinoids interact with the Endocannibinoid system of the human body. This system has a wide reach into the brain and effects pain, appetite, pleasure, mood, cognitive functioning, and other crucial processes. Like Kratom, CBD has exploded and many people also swear by using CBD in their daily lives for many ailments of the mind and body. Most notably, CBD is a popular medicinal choice for alleviating anxiety and calming the nervous system. Many individuals have also had success using CBD for seizures and pain.

Unlike Kratom, CBD is not addictive and you don’t run the risk of becoming dependent. CBD effects a much wider range of problems and considered a holistic medicine.

Choosing CBD or Kratom?

I’ve used both CBD and Kratom and can say a few things. First, I do not have any pain I need to manage so cannot personally attest to that. Second, I found CBD very calming and great for both anxiety and sleep. Kratom I discovered is an excellent mood booster and different types of Kratom will effect you differently. In my guide to Kratom you’ll notice there are multiple different types to choose from. You do reach a tolerance point with Kratom where you need more to achieve the same effect. CBD does not appear to work like this.

I would also say you “feel” Kratom more. The effect is much more pronounced where CBD is a subtle “just beneath the surface” feeling if that makes sense. Once again, Kratom is addictive for this exact reason.

Price wise, CBD at this point in time is very expensive. Check the current prices at CBD Distillery for an example. Kratom is much cheaper in comparison when you break down the price per dose.

I think both are excellent alternative options for pain, anxiety, boosting mood, and worth experimenting with. If you have the bucks, get both and see how you react. Just be sure to use them at different times!

Be sure to read my complete guide to CBD and also my guide on Kratom.


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