Core Differences Between Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate


CBD is exploding all over the internet bringing forth a well spring of new products aimed at ferocious buyers. The cool thing about CBD is the compound can be consumed in many methods. High CBD strains can be smoked, E Juice can be vaped, tinctures can be dropped under the tongue, and there is a healthy supply of edibles and topical creams.

You will no doubt notice many CBD products come labeled as either full spectrum or isolate. So, what are the main differences between these 2 types of CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD (also sometimes called whole plant medicine) is product that not only contains CBD, but all the other Cannabinoids as well. CBD is just one of over 100 other Cannabinoids found in the plant. Each of these Cannabinoids carries there own benefits and they synergize with each other to create truly potent medicine. With full spectrum tinctures and products, all the other Cannabinoids found in Cannabis are kept in their natural place alongside CBD.

CBD Isolate

With Isolate CBD, CBD is isolated from the other other Cannabinoids in Cannabis. This means when you use an isolated CBD product, you are ingesting only CBD and nothing else. None of the other Cannabinoids or compounds will be present in the product.

What’s better?

As I mention in my Guide to CBD, Both full spectrum and isolate CBD have their place. Some people swear by full spectrum while others swear by isolate. Each have their place and it’s worth experimenting with both. It should be noted however that there is an entourage effect with full spectrum CBD products. This means CBD and the other Cannabinoids actually work together to catalyze the potent medicinal effects in Cannabis. This same phenomenon is seen in coffee and caffeine. Taking caffeine alone is an entirely different experience versus drinking a cup of coffee. There are other compounds in coffee which work together to create that signature coffee experience. When isolated from each other, these compounds lose their magic and power.

A perfect example of this is the unique chemistry between THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and fully responsible for the signature Cannabis high. Too much THC however can cause panic, anxiety, and increased heart rate. Adding CBD into the mix tones down the intensity of THC’s psychoactivity and calms the mind and body. These 2 compounds work together to create a full spectrum medicinal experience. When isolated, they still work but on a much more limited spectrum. With todays high THC strains you see more and more people saying that Cannabis gave them panic attacks and anxiety. Well, this is because the particular type of strain they smoked had too much THC and not enough CBD. If they had more CBD in their system, they would experience the classic calming and chill aspects of smoking Cannabis is known for. I personally always opt for full spectrum solutions because this is how Cannabis is found in nature.


What’s more crucial than choosing full spectrum vs isolate CBD is purchasing from a reputable vendor that tests their product and delivers top notch CBD. CBD Distillery stocks both full spectrum CBD tinctures and products alongside CBD isolate. All of their products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality.

Final thoughts

For me personally I always opt for a full spectrum CBD solution. Full spectrum solutions contain medicine from the entire plant and each individual Cannabinoid helps the others reach their maximum potential. Isolate can be a great choice if you’re using other higher THC products and you specifically want to tone down the psychoactive effects. Either way, CBD is great stuff and needs to be in your medicine cabinet!

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