Best Modafinil Stack For RELENTLESS Energy

The various versions of Modafinil

The past month I’ve had the honor of experimenting with a large supply of Modafinil. Thanks to Duck Dose, I was able to secure a large sample of product with all the popular Modafinil derivatives – Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, and Waklert.

At first I simply used the Modafinil by itself. Only after I had a firm grasp on the core Modafinil experience did I begin to branch out and stack on other nootropics.

The first stacker…

I heard Modafinil and caffeine was ultra powerful so I started there. Caffeine is reported to be up to 10X as strong when paired with Modafinil. I usually don’t drink coffee or take caffeine because I get anxious and jittery so I was slightly apprehensive going into this stack. However, I did want to push the stimulation to blistering speeds to see what was possible, and to see how much work I could smash through. In the morning I started off with 200mg of Modalert and then polished off the stack with a strong cup of coffee.

Nervous energies ahoy…

I immediately realized the error of my ways. My heart rate was significantly increased, the palms of my hands began to sweat, and my anxiety levels were slowly ratcheting up. Some people love this amount of stimulation. For me, I get anxious to the point where I can’t focus and get any work done. This is not how I use nootropics.

Entering the eye of the storm…

I knew beforehand this anxiety was most likely going to make itself known. To combat the unwanted nerves I sprung for my bottle of L-Theanine and quickly popped 400mg. I love L-Theanine because it smooths out even the most nervous energies. It kicks in fast and you instantly feel a sense of calm and mellow energy wash over your body. I was now left with a ton of energy but none of the anxiety from the stimulants.

Time to take things to the next level…

Now that I was calm I decided to add another powerful mental energizer into the mix – L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is one of my favorite nootropics for potent mental energy. It’s a direct precursor to Dopamine and delivers a lasting boost of motivation throughout the day.

As soon as the L-Tyrosine kicked in I knew I discovered the best Modafinil stack of all time. I smashed through the day with relentless energy outworking even the most hopeless workaholics. When you are this boosted, when you are this switched on, you are all about getting stuff done and discovering solutions to problems – that’s what its all about. This is why I always recommend nootropics like Modafinil to business owners, students, and anybody requiring vigorous mental energy. Short of illegal stimulants like Adderall, Modafinil cannot be out performed.

Ultra compatible synergy

The problem with many stacks is the effects sometimes conflict with each other. Certain stacks work well for some while other stacks are downright offensive to the system. Modafinil, Caffeine, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine are generally well tolerated and very synergistic with each other. What makes this stack extremely well rounded is the L-Theanine. Without it, the potent stimulating effects of the other compounds would be too much to handle – at least for me.

Final thoughts

This is just one of many stacks I cover in The Modafinil Manual – my complete guide to using Modafinil safely and effectively. I recommend you check it out for a deep dive look into the compound.

When it comes to raw mental power output you simply cannot beat Modafinil. As always, feel free to play around with this stack to discover what works best for you. In the future I will experiment with this stack alongside a potent nootropic like Phenylpiracetam – a strong compound well known for its physically stimulating properties.



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Lorenz Jordan
Lorenz Jordan
5 years ago

The Modafinil and L-Tyrosine combo is underrated and unspoken of yet beautifully synergistic.

3 years ago

I had modafinil + coffee, that works fine , but when i added l theanine 1 fine day , it crashed me to a bad nightmare .What to do ? Is aswagandha ok with modafinil

1 year ago
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