Double Wood Supplements Vendor Review


As a nootropics enthusiast I’m always on the look out for high quality vendors who sell the nootropics I regularly take. I have a number of vendors who are my go-to suppliers for bulk powder nootropics but recently its been tough to find vendors who have capsuled nootropics. When I find someone that does stock capsuled nootropics I do my research to make sure they are a reliable supplier.

Double Wood Supplements is a vendor with a great track record of supplying top shelf supplements. Their reviews are impressive and the branding on their bottles is top notch. While you shouldn’t buy a product because of the branding alone, a professional look does carry some weight. It usually means the creator of the product puts time and effort into the business and cares about their image.

Now its down to nuts and bolts. What kinds of nootropics and supplements does Double Wood have to offer? Since I’m mostly into nootropics I’ll list off the available compounds that fall into this category. It should be noted Double Wood has a ton of supplements outside of the following list. Check out their products page for a full list.

Adrafinil – Double Woods most prized product. Double Wood Adrafinil is a high quality wakefulness agent designed to stave off the effects of sleep deprivation. Great stuff for pulling all nighters and all day study sessions.

Alpha GPC – This compound increases the levels of Acetycholine in the brain leading to an explosion in memory enhancement and overall cognitive function.

CDP Choline – Similar to Alpha GPC and also a powerhouse supplement for memory. CDP Choline also ties into the Dopamine system to deliver potent motivation and the ability to see a task through to completion no matter what. Potent brain juice.

Huperzine A – This is a compound found in a particular species of moss. Huperzin A inhibits an enzyme that breaks down Acetycholine in the brain. With more Acetycholine floating around, your brain will reap the benefits of a super charged memory and bolstered cognitive function.

L Theanine – L Theanine is a core component found in green tea. Studies on this unique compound show powerful benefits including an increase in alpha brain waves. Alpha waves are associated with a deep calm and are observed in those who practice meditation. L Theanine is often times paired with caffeine to reduce negative side effects like the jitters and anxiety. This is my favorite way to use this particular nootropic.

Sulbutiamine – Sulbutiamine is a synthetic versions of vitamin B1. This crucial B vitamin is heavily involved with energy and cognitive function. Alcohol abuse depletes vitamin B1 causing many alcoholics to suffer impairments of the brain and other diseases. Sulbutiamine is also a strong energizer and can be taken for day to day energy.

Uridine – Uridine is found in beer and reported to act as a powerful mood booster. This is the main ingredient in the Mr. Happy Stack – a stack many users have used to combat depression and low mood.

Double Wood Supplements shipping and customer support

Double Wood is based in the USA and ships from their local warehouse in Pennsylvania. All orders are shipped for FREE via first class USPS. Double Wood does not have to provide free shipping but they value customer support and offering nothing but the best service. Orders will arrive in 2-3 business days, possibly even a day depending on how close you are to the shipping facility.

Final thoughts

Double Wood supplements is a quality vendor and receives the Gonootropics golden seal of approval. Go to them.


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