Artvigil Review | A Rollercoaster Romp of Glory and CRASH

my review of Artvigil

As 2017 ended and the New Year began I decided this was the year to become extremely forward driven. I knew I had to employ a serious stack of nootropics to get everything done and turned to only the best. Modafinil is hands down a staple nootropic designed to get loads of work done and users become relentless machines of productivity – including myself.

Towards the end of the year I was fortunate enough to receive a large sample pack of Modafinil from Duck Dose. As you may or may not know, There are 4 different versions of Modafinil. I have explained in detail the core differences of these versions in this post.

What is Artvigil?

The various versions of Modafinil

Artvigil is technically Armodafinil – A supposedly stronger and more effective version of classic Modafinil compounds like Modalert and Modvigil. Armodafinil was formulated to be longer lasting and more potent. As a wakefulness agent, Modafinil and Armodafinil keep your mental energy levels well above baseline and provide a relentless source of productive power.

My experience with Artvigil

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When my Modafinil sample pack came in the mail I started off testing only the good stuff – Modalert. In my opinion, Modalert is the golden standard of Modafinil derivatives and absolutely dominates everything else on the market. The energy is stimulating and even provides a solid boost in mood. Those of you familiar with Adderall are familiar with the feeling you get riding that Dopamine wave – you simply feel good and can hyper focus on even the small and boring tasks for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong – Modafinil is NOT adderall in any way, shape, or form but it does exhibit similar stimulating qualities found in classic stimulants.

A big days work ahead of me…

Yesterday I woke up early for work having only slept about 5 hours. I’m someone who needs a full 8 – 9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested so I was definitely under slept and groggy. I reached into my Modafinil stash for a quick boost and saw I was completely out of Modalert – my favorite. In the drawer was only Waklert and Artvigil. I sprung for the Artvigil to put it to the test – I hadn’t yet tested the full potential of Artvigil on such little sleep and this provided the perfect opportunity to explore its true power. I popped one of the 150mg tablets and then sprung for a strong cup of coffee for an immediate boost.

Full blown crash…

Me and my boss went to work with a full load of online orders to process and fulfill. The Artvigil kicked in solid within the first hour and my energy levels skyrocketed. This was fantastic and the sudden boost of energy had me blowing through work processes at blistering speeds. On a solid stack of nootropics my work ethic becomes relentless and all I want to do is get stuff done.

The first few hours of work were extremely productive. Then something changed. My overall energy levels dropped and I developed a kind of internal anxiety. This is a common experience when using stimulants but the effects were much more pronounced with Artvigil. I became quite annoyed and irritated with small things and began to feel mentally and emotionally drained. Had I burned myself out? It felt like it. When I got home I crashed hard and was locked to my bed for a good couple hours before I had the energy to get up and eat anything. Absolutely exhausted.

So while I did have an initial boost in energy the effect did not last and I ended up crashing pretty hard. This is interesting considering Armodafinil is supposed to have a much longer duration of effect. I found the opposite was true. It did manage to keep me up well into the night even though I was up early. For that reason I can say Artvigil does its job but I find the effects of Modalert much more agreeable with my system. With Modalert I have clean energy throughout the day without the crash. I wish I could say this about Artvigil but the effects leave much to be desired. In fact, I would have to be severely under slept to consider taking Artvigil again. I simply find too many negative effects.

Final thoughts

This post will turn many people away from Artvigil but that’s not my intention. How Artvigil effects me might not be how Artvigil effects you. It’s worth testing out all the different versions of Modafinil to discover what works best for you. I recommend checking out Duck Dose and placing an order for one of these versions and seeing what happens. Modafinil is THE best nootropic for productivity hands down and well worth the money. If getting stuff done with massive energy and zest sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to occasionally throw in Modafinil to your daily nootropics stack.

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