Nootropics Make You Smarter In A World Getting Dumber



When I go out in public I do my best to lift myself from the fog of my own self centered pettiness to observe the people and things around me. I do this out of respect for the world because I understand it’s not just me on this planet. I listen intently to the conversations around me and make eye contact with the humans I cross paths with. If you begin to adopt these basic practices you’ll notice a number of things. The first is that people are stuck in their heads and mostly operating on complete auto pilot. Their eyes are caked over with a certain glaze, no doubt a symptom of being stuck in their own thoughts and imprisoned by their minds. This is not all people but simply most. The ones who do seem awake are usually older generations who grew up in more hardcore times, in a time with real problems where technology was not quite as developed as it is now.

Many people in my generation (millennials) have a deep sense that there are many problems in the world. We think there are more problems now than there ever was. We think opportunity is scarce and have been programmed to believe the game is rigged against us. We have a fierce disdain for the 1% and think they are the ones hoarding all the money. And let’s not get started about everyone constantly whining about their student loans and how our economy got screwed by baby boomers.

I have a friend who actually believes he is poor because people at the top are rich and don’t allow money to fall into the hands of the “working class people.” It never once occurs to him that he is poor because he lacks skill and is easily replaceable. He never second guesses that his degree in women’s studies was a bad financial decision. He honestly thinks if Bernie Sanders was elected the world would magically be fixed and everyone would be rich.

I used to have this mentality as well when my brain was in a low functioning state. The thing is, when the mind is depressed and the body is sick the last thing you want to do is take responsibility for your life. When the mind is depressed and glitchy, it’s easy to play into the role of the victim. That way when things don’t pan out the way you wanted them to you have an easy excuse as to why. It was because Bernie Sanders was jipped out of the election by the DNC that you’re poor and don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend right? Give me a fucking break.

There is an epidemic of dump people who think along these lines. The things they think are dumb, they spend their time doing dumb things, they don’t know how to have fun, they’re boring as hell and they blame everyone but themselves. Operating on total auto pilot. Life has grounded their face into the ground and they lack the willpower to get up and do anything about it. They get older and older until one day it’s too late for them to do anything.

I was this way. In fact I was so mentally defeated the idea of giving up felt good to think about. I tried to convince myself that having the finer things in life was selfish. I tried to convince myself that it was impossible to start my own profitable business or enjoy the fruits from the type of women I desired. I shamed myself for ever wanting these earthly pleasures.

But in the back of my mind there was a glimmer of something that would not allow me to accept defeat. I continued to forge on. It was during this time I discovered nootropics which gave me enough mental boost to get my shit together.

Piracetam primarily was a true powerhouse in my life. I’ve explained in this post the interesting side effects of what I experienced taking Piracetam. My mind was a dirty and decrepit porch with years of crap just caked on, cobwebs and all. Piracetam POWER WASHED the surface revealing a mind that could once again think in the correct ways.

But the question is, how do you know if your brain is glitchy?

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • You think you are a victim and someone is keeping you down
  • You experience depression and anxiety
  • You experience cloudy thinking or brain fog
  • You can’t seem to control your emotions
  • Little things ruin your entire day
  • The opinions of people on the internet trigger you
  • You ruminate on events and people
  • You look up to celebritys
  • You think successful people are cut from a different cloth
  • Your immediate surroundings are trashed and dirty
  • You avoid small tasks and allow them to build up
  • You can’t focus for more than a few minutes at a time

If you can identify with 1 or many of these symptoms it’s time to make a change in your life. Without focus and clear headed thinking you’ll fall victim to the society trap. You see, not everybody can be winners. If everybody was a winner there would be no losers. Without Yin there cannot be Yang.

Being a winner is hard in a world that’s making you dumber. Social media and smartphones are creating a culture so scatterbrained it’s amazing we manage not to walk right into rush hour traffic. This is good news for people who want to win. With only a little focus it’s easy to get to the top. With only a slight edge you can outperform everyone else and be the best.

Now, I’m not saying nootropics will change your life over night. What I am saying is things like Piracetam, CDP-Choline, or Alpha-GPC can put you into a complete state of focus and concentration. The thing is, you probably have completely forgotten what it’s like to be so focused and consumed by a task. Nootropics will remind you of what that flow state feels like so you can recognize a great state of mind from a flawed one. Once you get a taste for focus you’ll never want to go back to your old state of mind. In fact, your old way of thinking will disgust you when you experience the laser sharp clear headed benefits of taking nootropics.

If you are completely unfamiliar with nootropics I recommend you read my kick starter guide.

If you want something right now to experiment with you can order something like Alpha Brain. Alpha Brain is one of my favorite pre made stacks for newbies because it gives you a taste of some of the most popular nootropics all in one blend. It’s not perfect but I still recommend it. From there you can start buying powders and making your own stacks. This is where things get interesting because with a little experimenting you can create a powerful custom blend unique to you.

Nootropics are a very powerful way to quickly get your mind back on track, especially if you haven’t been exercising your brain that much.


Can nootropics make you smarter? That depends on how you apply yourself when taking nootropics. You can easily take nootropics and lay there on the ground for hours. This is not a productive use of your mind. Trust me though, when you feel the mental energy begin to coarse through your synapses the last thing you’ll want to do is nothing. Read a book, build an online business, exercise, study, etc. Do something that will make you less dumb.

In a dark world of dumb people, you will stand out as a beacon of light and an inspiration for others to drag themselves out of their own dungeon of dumbness.

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.


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