Mood stabilizing nootropics for leveling the bi-polar brain

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In todays post I’m going to discuss my favorite nootropics for stabilizing your mood when you find yourself cycling between deep depression and mania.

Because let’s be honest…

There is too much madness and chaos we must go through in this world to not have a level head. Everyday we come face to face with conflicting personalities, drama at work, annoying phone calls, bills, haters on YouTube (LOL) and a ton of other stressors. All of this weighs heavy on our minds and clouds us from thinking clearly, remaining calm, and making stable decisions.

The truth is, calm people rule the world because they rule themselves and have mastered their mind. They make the most money, have the most success, and experience the best life has to offer. The best comes to them because they are calm.

For the longest time I would get absolutely pissed at people who were always calm and cool. They exuded such a deep sense of mental fortitude. Mental toughness I did not seem to have.

Deep down I was frustrated that I couldn’t control my emotions with the same level-headedness.

When I was diagnosed as bi-polar in my early teens I figured my brain was broke and that was that. I had better get used to cloudy thinking, deep depression, and mania which led to school suspensions, drugs, arrests, and problems at home. Seeing multiple psychologists and psychiatrists convinced me that nobody really understood what I was going through. Lithium was their best answer.

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Luckily through intense periods of studying nootropics I discovered a handful of compounds that stabilize mood and allow me to operate effectively in the world.

If you have also been diagnosed as bi-polar, or you experience cycles of depressions and mania, I encourage you to experiment with the following nootropics…

Piracetam there appears to be a direct connection to choline/acetycholine and depression. Too much supplemental choline can induce depression even in non-depressed persons. Individuals with bi-polar disorder display high levels of acetycholine activity in the brain, especially during depressive episodes. Piracetam stabilizes depressive episodes by burning through excess stores of choline and lowering Acetycholine levels. In a depressive state I’ve found avoiding choline and increasing my intake of Piracetam is ultra effective in lifting me out of even the deepest trenches of depression. This goes counter to the general advice of combining Piracetam and Choline together. Stacking the 2 together works great for a normal system but could wreak havoc if your brain chemistry is already chock full of Acetycholine.

Alpha GPC In a state of mania the brain is now in a cholinergic deficiency. This means it’s time to add some Choline to the system to stabilize the chemistry and bring you back down from space. When I’m about to go full blown manic I make sure to double down on Alpha GPC. This keeps my mood rock solid throughout the day. The key is understanding your cycles, and dialing in your doses. Do not overlook the power of Alpha GPC and its ability to focus your brain and level out your mania.

Ashwagandha This is one I’ve been taking everyday for the past month or so. I’ve found the effects are pronounced. You immediately feel a calming wave of relaxation wash over your body. In fact, you couldn’t be more chill as you go throughout the day in total bliss. It’s a powerful anxiolytic and cortisol reducer backed by a load of studies, one study showing huge promise in the treatment of bi-polar disorder. Ashwagandha extract is now a part of my daily nootropics stack. I’ve found it stacks well with most of the other nootropics I take.

That’s about it for now. With a bit of experimenting it’s easy to dial in a stack to keep your mood nice and even throughout the day.

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