Modafinil Review After 30 Days of Usage

modafinil review

Modafinil is something I’ve recently begun to experiment with after acquiring some high quality samples from Duck Dose. Modafinil has always been at the forefront of the nootropics scene and thousands of testimonials have poured in from people who have achieved massive productivity success. Infamous biohackers like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss have been open and vocal about Modafinils role in their work life. Modafinil is one of those nootropics you use to get a lot of shit done with little sleep.

Naturally I wanted to know what all the talk was about and discover whether Modafinil was as powerful as people said it was.

This is why when my order came in from Duck Dose I immediately tore into the package and popped my first 200mg Modalert. You can read my first impressions about Modalert here.

Initial impressions

Stocked up and ready to blast off

My initial impression of Modafinil was “holy smokes, I’m super awake right now.”
From day 1 I could tell that Modafinil exhibited subtle stimulatory properties. My brain was in full blown awake mode and I felt I could tackle any task. It wasn’t powerful like adderall.  Modafinil is a very unique and different stimulatory agent. I describe the Modafinil experience as how you might feel if you were an elite level athlete who always ate the right foods and exercised. You feel a natural sense of awakeness and energy. It’s not a cracked out energy you get from traditional stims or energy drinks.

The effects of Modafinil are mostly pronounced in people who feel lethargic and lack energy. The discrepancy between someones energy levels on and off Modafinil are pronounced and I could tell someone who lacked natural energy could easily become hooked on this stuff as an artificial energy enhancer.

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I was impressed with the lasting energy and slightly annoyed when 3am rolled around and I still couldn’t sleep. I knew this was going to be a potential problem. Even though I took the Modafinil early in the day the effects were felt for what seemed like an eternity. I used this as an opportunity to write and get work done.

Modafinil and caffeine will blow your tits clean off

I read before hand that Modafinil would greatly increase the effects of coffee and caffeine. I tested this theory and verified the proposition to be 100% true. For me, combining Modafinil and caffeine was enough to throw me into the grips of mania. I’m talking about insane amounts of energy both physically and mentally. If you are bipolar you may want to avoid Modafinil and caffeine all together unless you’re ready for one hell of a ride. Those that are prone to anxiety from stimulant usage should also be very cautious about this powerful combo. I’m telling you, this is the Thelma and Louise nootropic combo. Explosive energy and you better be ready to direct it to somewhere productive. Add Phenibut and L-Theanine into the mix and I guarantee this will transform even the most socially awkward person into a socializing powerhouse that will even give Tony Robbins a run for his money. A great stack if you do not drink alcohol but want a boost of social juice when you go out to bars and clubs with your friends. Best part? No hangover and you still feel like a million bucks the next morning while everyone else barely remembers what happened.

Side effects

I experienced a number of subtle side effects from using Modafnil. On the physical level I noticed an elevated heart rate a slight increase in my general anxiety levels. This is standard stuff when taking any stimulant. L-Theanine instantly smooths this out. My urine also smelled absolutely horrible. Think asparagus piss on steroids. With Modafinil there is also a subtle sense of feeling irritated by certain people and situations. This seems to be a common thread at least with me whenever I take anything stimulatory. It almost breaks down your patience and things can go straight to your nerves. Once again, L-Theanine helps dramatically in this area. Towards the tail end of the experience I get a slight headache which is greatly improved by drinking water.

With Modafinil there is also a slight crash the day after. While you can fall asleep at night I don’t believe the sleep is high quality. Especially after continued long term use Modafinil does have the potential to cause a massive crash and even depression in some individuals. This can easily be remedied by drinking lots of water, eating right, exorcising, and sleeping of course. Interestingly enough, Modafinil is a great short term mood booster if you are experiencing depression.

Top Modafinil benefits

After 30 days of using Modafinil I can see why it’s one of the most talked about and discussed nootropics today. Here are a few benefits I’ve identified.

It actually works

People get into nootropics and then quickly become frustrated because many of the products they buy simply don’t work for them. Modafinil simply works and it works across the board for many people. It’s a highly effective wakefulness agent that can’t be ignored.

Productivity powerhouse

Modafinil creates a powerfully effective base for getting large chunks of work done. If you’re running a business, making money, studying for school etc, Modafinil should always be one of these nootropics you have on hand. What holds us back from getting stuff done is mental and physical lethargy. When the mind and body are tired productivity goes straight to the gutter. Modafinil mainlines the brain with powerful mental energy allowing you to explode and get tons of work done.

Minimal side effects

The problem with traditional stimulants like Adderall is the extreme crashes and negative side effects. Most energy drinks and stimulants leave you feeling totally depleted. Sure, you got a lot of stuff done but at what cost? Usually you experience a hard crash which can take days to recover from. Modafinil has minimal side effects while providing consistent mental energy.

Stacks well with others

Many nootropics are extremely picky when it comes to stacking them with other nootropics. Combining the wrong nootropics is a recipe for brain fog and mental confusion. Many hardcore nootropics users have spent years identifying what nootropics work well together (for them.)

Modafnil is similar to L-Theanine in that you can combine it with any nootropic and experience positive results. Modafinil is a great nootropic to add to any standard racetam and choline stack. I’ve also experienced powerful effects stacking with Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Phenibut. The Modafinil and Caffeine deliver potent energetic effects while the L-Theanine and Phenibut smooth out the anxiety and jitters. This makes for a potent stack geared towards socializing and engaging with people either at work or out with your friends. We’re talking insane levels of mental energy with zero anxiety.

Where to buy Modafinil

I get all my Modafinil from Duck Dose. I recently wrote a review post about them you can check out for more details about this vendor. Overall I found the Modafinil to be very high quality and customer support was top notch.


Modafinil is truly powerful stuff and extremely versatile with other nootropics. If you’re a serious student or entrepreneur who wants to maximize their time and squeeze out the most value and productivity, Modafinil is absolute gold.


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