Duck Dose Modafinil Review

UPDATE 4.11.18: Duck Dose has officially closed up shop and is out of business. For details and an alternative source for Modafinil check out this post.

In this review I’m excited to talk about a Modafinil vendor I found to be extremely responsive, reliable, and high quality. Over the years many Modafinil vendors have come and gone, most notably Modafinil Cat. This paved the way for a host of new suppliers (some shadier than others) to get their foot in the door. Duck Dose hit the scene and began supplying high quality Modafinil in all the various forms.

Last month I reached out to them to secure some samples of their product for testing. I sent an email out in the morning and was promptly responded to later that afternoon. The next day I had a tracking number and received my order within 7 days. This is quick considering this stuff ships from India.

I quickly tore into the package…

India’s Finest

Inside I found a sample of Modalert, Modvigil, Armodafinil, and Waklert.

The various versions of Modafinil. I’ll cover these in a later post.

I was stoked to instantly sample the goods, and I did because the package came early in the day. It was actually the perfect time to test it out because the mailman woke me up a number of hours before I’m use to crawling out of bed. I certainly wouldn’t take it in the afternoon otherwise I’d be up all night.

Let’s talk about the quality and effects of each Modafinil derivative.

Duck Dose Modalert

The first product sample I tested was the Duck Dose Modalert. I had previously read that this was the best generic version of Modafinil so of course I wanted to get off on the right foot. I popped a single 200mg tablet and began the waiting game. I was indeed still tired from being awakened from a restful slumber and fought hard to stay awake. Within a half hour I noticed my mind beginning to perk up. I was no longer tired and lethargic. I found this interesting and started planning ways I could take advantage of the day.

It was sunny outside so I went for a long walk followed by some strength training exercises on the monkey bars. An hour in and I was full blown awake like I’ve never been before. While my energy levels are generally decent, I’ve always had a low level mental fatigue. The Modalert completely wiped this out and replaced it with a steady “wakefullness.” It’s not like an energy rush you get from drinking a Redbull or a cup of coffee. It feels much cleaner and steady.

I had a sit down on a nearby bench and noticed a number of physical effects. My heart rate was slightly elevated and I felt a slight dopaminergic component, almost a very slight euphoria experienced using drugs like Adderall. At this point I concluded that Modafinil was indeed a stimulant, despite the conflicting research I read online.

I walked 5 miles listening to music. Music sounded amazing! Almost better than the way music sounds on Phenibut. I returned home and crashed on my bed as my physical body needed rest. My mental state however was still wide awake. I still did not feel tired in the slightest. Not only did I not feel tired, I did not feel hungry. Another classic side effect of a stimulant. I forced myself to eat anyways.

A funny thing about Modafinil is your piss will smell very strange as your body expels the drug. It’s strange indeed. It’s like asparagus piss on roids and you’ll be caught off guard as the fumes come wafting up into your nostils from the toilet.

Even though I took the Modalert around 9am, I could not fall asleep until 3am. Be warned, Modafinil taken too late in the day will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning. This stuff is potent if you need to power through a ton of work.

Modvigil, Armodafinil, Waklert

The following days I also experimented with the other samples. I found Armodafinil to be quite a bit stronger across the board although the effects did not seem to last nearly as long as the Modalert. The Modvigil came in at a very close second in terms of effectiveness and the Waklert was basically useless for me. Perhaps I built up a tolerance from using multiple days in a row.

I will say that all generic forms of Modafinil appear to somewhat effective for most people from the reports I’ve read.

Is Duck Dose Legit?

Every interaction I’ve had with Duck Dose has been 100% legit and a great experience. The product in accordance to my testing is 100% verified and reliable. You can tell they care about their product and making a name for themselves as a high quality Modafinil supplier. They are quick to respond to your emails and the product comes quick considering where it’s coming from (India.)

Overall I can honestly I recommend this supplier and would like to extend a big thanks to them for being so responsive and willing to provide me with some samples.


Modafinil is fantastic stuff for anybody who needs to be AWAKE and alert. I know there are people who take this stuff everyday. I cannot recommend that as you will certainly collect a massive sleep debt and experience health problems down the road. But, for that occasional day when you’re exhausted but have to power through, Modafinil will become your greatest ally to getting whatever it is DONE.


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