Best Nootropics For Poker

The other night me and 6 other guys sat down for a solid night of Texas Hold’em. I knew 2 of the guys and was introduced to the other 4. We started around 7 and played well into the night. Slowly players began to drop out and at the end it came down to a heads up match between me and my buddy Carlos. We both opted to cash out and I went home with an extra $58 bucks in my pocket. Not too shabby.

Now, I am far from a Poker expert and would’t even consider myself intermediate. I did however quickly identify a couple key strategies in winning home poker games.

And of course, I also identified a number of nootropics I believe can take your poker game to the next level.

Memory nootropics

Part of playing decent poker is observing how the other players are playing. For example, does a player often go all the way to the river with nothing? Are they a big bluffer? How do they play with good cards as opposed to bad cards? Are they easily bullied out of the pot? The idea is to observe the other players to get an idea of what kind of hand they have. This information informs your decisions and increases your chances of winning the pot.

All of this information must be stored in memory somewhere. You’re dealing with a lot of small bits of information that must be organized and accessed at a moments notice.

What nootropics are available to bolster memory and secure a solid win at the end of the night?

Piracetam – Piracetam is the GO-TO nootropic for organizing information and sequentially recalling that information at a later time. I’ve spoken about the raw power of Piracetam many many times on this blog and on my YouTube channel. If you struggle with memorizing things or holding bits of information in working memory, you must pick up Piracetam immediately.

Alpha-GPC – Piracetam and Alpha-GPC go hand in hand like coffee and creamer. Alpha-GPC is a powerful choline source and a direct precursor to the memory powerhouse neurotransmitter Acetycholine. Piracetam increases the brains usage of Acetycholine so supplementing with a high quality source of Choline is crucial.

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Going on tilt?

If you’ve played poker before you know the feeling of losing a few hands and becoming frustrated. This frustration kicks off a domino effect of bad decisions and even more losing hands. Then when you’re the short stack you go “all in” in a frantic attempt to recoup your losses.

The key to a winning poker strategy is remaining calm even if you lose a couple hands.

There’s a number of powerful nootropics you can take to help in this area.

L-Theanine – L-Theanine produces a potent sense of feeling calm and at ease. Your body becomes washed over with calmness. You feel calm, cool, and collected. There’s not much in this world you can’t do when you feel calm, cool, and collected.

Piracetam – Piracetam has a strange effect on your emotions. It almost blunts them to the point where you become icy. Situations where you normally develop anxiety or other emotional responses simply do not effect you. You become an emotional rock. While everybody else loses their shit you are still as the night and unshakable.

Phenibut – Let me tell you this. Everything is fun on Phenibut. Poker and Phenibut? A winning combo if you ask me. You are so chill to the point where it’s almost impossible to not to win. Even if you lose, you’re still having so much fun and are so relaxed you don’t want the night to end. Plus, you are so calm literally nothing will effect you. You’ll also impress the entire table with your witty social skills – one of the hallmark characteristics of the Phenibut experience.


I’m positive I made it to the end because I was willing to go the distance and had plenty of energy to spare. While everyone else was drinking alcohol I was stone cold sober with a powerful stack of nootropics coursing through my veins. As the beer made everyone sluggish, my energy levels were increasing in strength and vigor as my chip stack grew. Many players are anxious to get home when the clock strikes midnight. They end up playing super loose in an attempt to win big or lose big so they can go home to the wifey and kiddos. This is the time you swoop in for the kill.

Caffeine – Let’s start with the obvious. Caffeine is a staple energy enhancer and truly powerful stuff especially if you only drink it on an occasional basis. I avoid alcohol and opt for tea, coffee, and water as my beverages of choice. Caffeine is also a significant mood booster and cognitive enhancer. I love it when I see people roll through the door with beer – it usually means my odds of winning will be high.

Phenylpiracetam – This is a nootropic used by athletes and banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Phenylpiracetam is an extremely energizing nootropic. The best part about Phenylpiracetam is the double threat – you not only get the energy but the cognitive enhancement too.

Modafinil – Modafinil from Duck Dose is the king daddy nootropic of long lasting wakefulness and energy. It stacks very well with other nootropics and ensures you stay up even if you’re dog tired from a hard days work. Once again, it’s hard not to come out on top when you have powerful nootropics in your system and everyone else is half drunk.

Final thoughts

I love using nootropics especially in cases where I stand to win something or increase my level of skill or income. They simply make everything you do that much easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading.


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