Best Nootropics For Verbal Fluency and Agility

nootropics for verbal fluency

At the ripe age of 29 and going on 30 I’ve learned a number of things throughout life. I’ve been gifted with the ability to read behavior and decipher even the most complex social engagements. I’ve noticed a number of behavioral traits in people that have large social circles, business contacts, and generally people who have achieved a certain degree of success and achievement.

They all have the silver tongue. The million dollar mouthpiece. Their verbal fluency and ability to immediately translate an idea into words is astounding. Listening to them is hypnotic. Those with verbal acuity and agility enjoy many fruits of this world because they are natural seducers. We raise up these powerful speakers and place them above us as people larger than life. We want to be around them and hear what they have to say. Nobody wants to listen to someone who can’t form words and ideas in an articulate manner.

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The power of words is immediately apparent in the Bible where God literally speaks the world into existence.

God said “Let there be light.”

And there it was. And He saw it was good. He separated light from darkness with only words.

You too have the power to speak your world into existence and influence others in a powerful way. Once you understand the importance of words and verbal fluency you’ll do whatever it takes to maximize this gift you have.

Dale Carnegie author of How To Win Friends and Influence People has a great quote regarding mental agility…

“the ability to assemble one’s thoughts and to speak on the spur of the moment is even more important, in some ways, than the ability to speak only after lengthy and laborious preparation.”

Dale Carnegie

Have you ever talked to someone and then later thought about all the things you should have said? At the time you lacked the mental resources to quickly articulate. Instead you said something that might have even been completely irrelevant to the conversation or didn’t make sense. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Trust me, Before Nootropics I was a bumbling mess of words and ideas.

Luckily there are Nootropics and exercises available to you to work on this part of your personality. Let’s cover a few of my favorites.

Top Nootropics For Verbal Fluency

PiracetamPiracetam rises again as one of the BEST nootropics for overall mental performance and verbal kung fu. I was astounded the first week I tried Piracetam. Not only was I experiencing memories I had long forgotten about, but I was finding all kinds of interesting words and plugging them into conversations with great confidence and ease. Thoughts simply form in a fluid manner and the right thing to say flows from you like a bubbling spring of life. Piracetam is a staple Nootropic you MUST try. If you’re new, Piracetam is the first Nootropic you should pick up as a general introduction to the power of Nootropics.

PhenylpiracetamPhenylpiracetam is truly potent on many levels. It’s often used as a sports enhancement Nootropic and listed as a banned substance in the World Anti-Doping Agency. You’re going to experience Hulk level reserves of both physical and mental energy. It’s thought to be as much as 20X more powerful than Piracetam and having used both I can say this is true. The experience is energetic. I find that when you have extra reserves of energy you’re more likely to engage in conversation. If you have no energy your words will have no energy. Nobody will listen to you because you come off as depleted. Phenylpiracetam bolsters your energy levels and amps up your mental game to blistering heights.

L-Tyrosine – People often dismiss L-Tyrosine because it’s something you can easily pick up at a local vitamin store.  People don’t equate it as being a real Nootropic. Recently I revisited using L-Tyrosine strictly by itself. At 1000mg I can tell you this is a true nootropic that can clear brain fog, boost mood, and deliver insane levels of mental energy. I love L-Tyrosine and will always recommend it alongside Piracetam as being a great starter nootropic. The increase in Dopamine contributes bigly to feeling good and generating conversation with ease.

Caffeine – You certainly know what a strong cup of coffee can do for your energy levels and willingness to talk. I’ve seen people turn into absolute verbal monsters after their cup of coffee. Before the coffee? You can barely get a word out of them. Caffeine is powerful especially if you don’t drink it everyday. People who will get the most out of caffeine are those who aren’t addicted and use it sparingly. I only drink coffee a few times a month and when I do it’s like rocket fuel.

Modafinil – I find my willingness to engage socially goes through the roof when I take Modafinil. When stacked with Caffeine my energy levels amp up to monstrous levels and my verbal fluency skyrockets out of orbit. I love chopping it up with people when I take this stack. The conversation flows smooth and effortless.

How to increase verbal fluency

Picking up one or a handful of the aboveNootropics will greatly help you on your journey to becoming socially fluent and a skilled conversationalist.

Nootropics alone are a good start but you must still practice talking to people. Take a proactive approach to increasing your verbal fluency by talking with people and engaging the world around you. The cool thing about the Nootropics I mentioned is they make talking to people so much easier. I’m a natural introvert so I understand what it’s like to not want to talk to anybody. I can go long stretches of time in social isolation with no problem. The problem makes itself known when I isolate for a week and then go out to socialize. My social muscles have atrophied due to a long period of isolation. This is why I’m a fan of Nootropics. I can isolate but still maintain strong verbal fluency when I go out.


In this video I dive deep into actionable steps you can take to increase your verbal fluency.


Nootropics can correct mental deficiencies that lead to weak verbal fluency. The important thing is to be good to yourself as you work on this part of your personality. You will experience obstacles but will grow stronger everyday – and much faster with the help of Nootropics.

Thanks for reading.

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