Is Alpha Brain The Best Pre Made Nootropics Stack?


I’m a big fan of Alpha Brain. In fact, Alpha Brain served as my introduction to nootropics over 3 years ago and I still consider it one of the best stacks out there. The stack gets many things right and you might notice I often discuss many of the individual ingredients included in the stack. If you’re just starting out I think Alpha Brain is a great first choice nootropic stack.

What I like about Alpha Brain

I’ve often said that Alpha Brain is one of those nootropics you can feel working almost immediately. While many nootropics are subtle and take time before you notice anything, Alpha Brain revs up your cognitive functioning and mental energy damn quick.

I remember ordering the bottle and then immediately tearing into the packaging to take a dose. Of course, all Alpha Brain products are beautifully packaged and the pills themselves look like you’ll surely tumble down a rabbit hole if you take them. While I certainly didn’t feel like Alice, I did feel a subtle stimulation and a sense of being “switched on.”

It’s as if the mental sluggishness I experienced was wiped out. Like the mental clutter of my mind had been power washed and organized. Thoughts flowed easier and I felt “awake.” This was certainly a warm and welcoming surprise as I didn’t actually think anything would happen. I’ve been a supplement user and abuser for many years and understood the nature of many supplements – they don’t work or at least are never as powerful as you think they will be.

Powerful nootropic ingredients

While I take issue with some of the ingredients in Alpha Brain, I have personally found the majority of ingredients to be solid Nootropics. The L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, L-Theanine, and of course Alpha-GPC are particularly notable. In my Alpha Brain Review Video I talk about why I think these are the ONLY ingredients in the Alpha Brain stack that truly deliver any measurable results. You could easily go out and secure the powders and save yourself a boatload of cash in the future. What I would do is purchase a single bottle of Alpha Brain and see how you react. If everything’s good, do your wallet a favor and start buying powders. The nootropic powders not only save you money but they allow you to dial up your dose, or at the very least experiment with different dosage combos.

Alpha Brain was a breathe of fresh air and I give ONNIT mad props for creating something that delivered real BANG for the buck…which leads us to what I do not like about Alpha Brain.

What I don’t like about Alpha Brain

The thing about Alpha Brain is it works. But it’s very expensive. The cost will certainly put this nootropics stack out of reach for many people who can’t justify spending $34 bucks + shipping.

The other thing that tricks many people is you are really only getting a 15 day supply per Alpha Brain bottle. Reading the back of the label you’ll notice that a single serving is 2 pills, with a total of 30 pills coming in the bottle. The thing about pre made nootropics stacks is it’s hard to cram all that powder into a single capsule which forces companies to split up the dose into 2 capsules. This isn’t so much the company being shady but a matter of physics – to get an effective dose you’ll need a certain amount of powder which might mean taking multiple capsules. With certain nootropics the effective dose could mean taking a lot of powder. While it’s easy to mix these powders into juice, it’s not so easy to force them into a single pill.

The alternative to this is purchasing your own powder and capsuling the ingredients yourself. This is time consuming and most don’t have the patience or desire to do this. The way I see it is you pay more to have all these ingredients capsuled for you. It’s a matter of choosing convenience over saving money.


If you have the money to burn I still think Alpha Brain is a great stack to invest in. Your brain will certainly thank you even though your wallet won’t!


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