Level Up Through The Power Of Concentration


I’m willing to bet most people are not satisfied with where they are at in life. Now, this could be for a number of reasons. I believe social media and the constant barrage of artificial dopamine hits are scrambling our ability to focus and concentrate. How have we allowed ourselves to descend this far into unconsciousness? Very slowly but surely my friend.

It starts off in youth. We think we have all the time in the world. We spend hours upon hours pleasuring ourselves with video games, social media, porn, and drugs/alcohol. Often times we do not see the long term consequences of these habits and activities until we approach our late 20’s and finally snap into the reality that we haven’t done much with out lives. (My apologies if you’re reading this and are already wildly successful.) This sobering realization is usually met with a “I’m going to get my shit together” talk followed by a gym membership and a crudely scribbled list of goals you want to work towards. You might even pick up a book and listen to a couple Tony Robbins seminars. Good on you for getting this far.

Then something interesting happens when you start to take action towards these goals. You realize you lack focus, concentration, and discipline. You take action for a short time and then find yourself mentally exhausted. Sure, you’re incredibly disciplined when it comes to jerking off, eating junk food, and playing video games but less so in this new and exciting arena of life – the game that actually matters. Take this as a positive signal that you possess these traits within, you are just directing the energy in the wrong direction.

The path to retribution and glory begins by just starting and taking small steps. You see, concentration is like a muscle and must be exercised. Don’t expect to swim like an olympic champion when you haven’t even dipped your big toe in the water. Start in the kiddie pool. Set yourself some small goals. Clean your room. Take out the trash. Go for a walk. Get a stylish haircut. Eat one healthy thing. Write one blog post. Play one less hour of Red Dead Redemption. Work that muscle. You’ll be sore but soon you will gain strength and momentum.

Identifying negative thoughts

Concentration is simply focusing your mental energy into a specific task, a task worthy of completion. Concentration requires you to identify thoughts that don’t contribute to the completion of this task and brutally eradicate them from the garden of your mind. Most people aren’t aware of the thoughts going through their head. They live on auto pilot never questioning the bullshit that simply flys through unchecked. The negative and unconcentrated mind is like a poorly monitored airport where TSA is letting all the Jihadists through. You need to set clear boundaries for what you allow into your mind. Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head when he said, “stand guard at the gates of your mind.”

Think of your mind as a popular club or venue where everyone wants to get in. What is outside of every popular night club? A bouncer. The bouncer makes sure the trash (negative thoughts) stays outside and all the cool people (positive thoughts) get in. Inside the club everyone is concentrated on a common task (having fun.)

Imagine you have a personal bouncer in your mind that keeps the bullshit out. This is one thing I love about Piracetam. It gives me the power to cut out negative bullshit and drop deep into a space of total concentration. When you are working on something you shut everything else out that doesn’t align with your current objective and mission.

Setting goals the right way

I found a great way to set goals that matter so your concentration is easily channeled and never depleted. When people write a list of goals it usually looks like this.

  • Make 5k a month
  • Get in shape
  • Get a girlfriend
  • Start my own business
  • etc

These are shit goals and overall not motivating in the slightest. If you drill a little deeper you begin to tap into a peculiar power. For instance, ask yourself why you want to make 5k a month. What will you do with the money?

For me, making more money means I can provide for my family. It means I can be source of financial security for those I love. It means I don’t have to worry about my future. More money for me means freedom. Starting a business means freedom from a nagging boss and being on someone elses schedule. I could go on but you get the point. These are much more motivating because they are tied into core values. Freedom, family, security. Keep in mind these are my values. Yours might be similar or completely different and that’s okay. The point is when you set goals try to think about how they tie into your value system and who you are as a person. Setting goals in this way creates a powerful driving force in your life and boosts dopamine. More Dopamine means more power to level up. More Dopamine means more focus and more concentration. A lack of this powerful neurotransmitter and good luck even finding the energy to get out of bed in the morning.

Concentrate at all costs

Concentrate on what you want at all costs. Concentrate on the small daily actions it takes to get there. Wall off everything else. Become a gravitational force of intense concentration. People will start to notice the difference. When a person is concentrated it shows in their eyes. Most people are scatterbrained. Especially millennials. Look into their eyes and you can see the state of their mind. Mostly scattered and nervous with little direction. We’ve grown up in a time where the cards are stacked against us. We have a million distractions. We have access to anything we want. Any pleasure, any drug, any experience. We have never lived in a harder time to concentrate. But I will tell you this – The world will end up the hands of the select few who can concentrate. Your life is hinged on your internal stores of concentration.

People like to cry about the injustices of the world and how they’ve been dealt a bad hand. They like to bitch and moan about how the elite are keeping them down. These same people eat junk food, take part in hedonistic pleasures, and dutifully clock into their 9 – 5 job with little thought to make their own business, their own adventure. These same people whining about this or that, they lack concentration. Concentrated people never complain. Why?

They are too busy concentrating. Learn to concentrate and watch as you soar to the top!

Thanks for reading.

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