Science.Bio Vendor Review

Science.Bio Vendor Review

In this vendor review I take a look at Science.Bio. These guys have built quite a strong name for themselves in the Nootropics Industry. I would consider them in a tier on par with Nootropics Depot in terms of quality and professionalism. While I do tend to stick with Nootropics Depot for many of my mainstream Nootropic purchases, ND hasn’t had any Piracetam in stock for a long time leading me to test out other vendors. At one point nobody had any Piracetam in stock presumably due to customs issues and the inability to import Piracetam into the country without customs seizing the package. I still find it unbelievable that Phenibut manages to stay alive meanwhile totally non toxic compounds like Piracetam are getting harder to secure.

The Vendor

Science.Bio is a vendor providing “reference material” for life science research. They make it very clear their products are for research purposes only and not for human consumption. This is an important angle these vendors must play up in order to appease the FDA and other governing bodies related to supplements and health products. The verbiage used on their site is professional. They reference their customers as “clients” and “individual researchers.”

Science.Bio is headquartered in San Luis Obisbo, California. Being in California myself I received product very quickly.

Quality Control

According to the Science.Bio quality control page all batches are sent to a third party laboratory (S&N Labs specifically) for testing purposes, and each batch is assigned a lot number for tracking and quality control purposes.  Third party lab results are made available to their clients to ensure the highest degree of transparency and quality. To view the purity of lab results simply navigate to any product on their website and click the Lab Reports tab. Lab Reports appear to be very current and up to date. Here is a report from a Jan 2021 batch of Piracetam. In the past I’ve ran into vendors who do have COAs available, but they are dated. Likely they tested a batch at one point and then conducted no further testing on subsequent batches. I imagine testing gets costly so it’s rare to see vendors, especially smaller vendors, test each and every received batch. Science.Bio has excellent quality control and appear to be a large enough business to make testing every batch financially feasible.

Payment Methods

Science.Bio does not accept credit cards so expect to pay with Bitcoin. This is par for the course for research products and you should learn Bitcoin if you’re interested in researching.

Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam

I placed an order for 200 Grams of Piracetam and 5 Grams of Phenylpiracetam. Both were excellent in quality. It was nice I was able to look up the lab reports for the batch. The product passed all my personal testing. Piracetam has the consistency of crystalline powder  with a subtle shimmer while Phenylpiracetam is more like the consistency of flour. The product exceeded my expectations.

Product is shipped via USPS.


Science.Bio provides very good product and fast shipping. Some of their products require a special account to order, and in the past I have been denied application. Many good products are up for grabs though so check them out!

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