KSM-66 The Lost Review

my review of ksm 66

What is there to say about KSM-66? In this post we will dive deep into the rabbit hole and discover what makes this a truly magical extract of Ashwagandha.

My experiments with KSM-66 started only a month ago but my history with the potent herb Ashwagandha goes back further than that.

I had heard of this mysterious herb called Ashwagandha on Reddit. In fact, there were people absolutely raving about it prompting me to dive head first into preliminary research phase.

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My Personal Review of ALCAR



In my previous nootropics giveaway, I selected ALCAR as one of the nootropics to ship out. ALCAR is a true undercover nootropic. The compound receives little attention and is mostly overshadowed by cutting edge nootropic compounds.

It’s time to make ALCAR great again and shed light on this powerful compound.

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Duck Dose Modafinil Closes Down For Good + Alternative Source




Today I write this post to inform you of unfortunate news – one of the best vendors for Modafinil has officially closed their doors. Duck Dose Modafinil was a vendor I frequently recommended to you on the blog and on my You Tube channel. This is unfortunate news to deliver indeed but the facts remain – Duck Dose is no more and you’ll have to look elsewhere to find Modafinil.

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Is Kratom addictive? | My personal experience

The most popular video to date on the Gonootropics YouTube channel is my Kratom review video. That one gained well over 70,000k views and received over 350 comments. The video sees steady traffic to this day. It served as my formal introduction to the Kratom community at large and also to the YouTube hater, whom I had only little experience with previously…LOL.

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Mood stabilizing nootropics for leveling the bi-polar brain

Photo credit: Kenrocks

In todays post I’m going to discuss my favorite nootropics for stabilizing your mood when you find yourself cycling between deep depression and mania.

Because let’s be honest…

There is too much madness and chaos we must go through in this world to not have a level head. Everyday we come face to face with conflicting personalities, drama at work, annoying phone calls, bills, haters on YouTube (LOL) and a ton of other stressors. All of this weighs heavy on our minds and clouds us from thinking clearly, remaining calm, and making stable decisions.

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