Best Nootropics Stack For Studying, Focus, and Energy

Today I’m excited to talk about another one of my favorite nootropics stacks. This is a stack tolerated fairly well by many people and one of my go-to staples for studying, focus, and sustained energy.

Because who couldn’t use a little more of that? I knew going in to the creation of this stack I needed to hit on a few core components:

  • Memory and focus
  • Energy
  • …and an effect I call sit down, shut up, and get to work

For memory and focus I turned to my staple nootropic Piracetam. Piracetam is the Godfather nootropic and for many good reasons. Your mental faculties get ramped up and your ability to hold multiple pieces of information in working memory is boosted. Piracetam has compounded effects and best used over time. The effects of Piracetam are also not limited to the duration of use. You’ll notice an easier time recalling information days after cessation and summoning the right words is a breeze.

For me, I used to feel like I knew what to say but couldn’t find the words fast enough. This led to others finishing my words for me or dominating conversations while I fumbled around in my brain for something funny or relevant. Piracetam has remedied this problem and I couldn’t be more grateful. Highly recommended stuff.

For raw mental and physical energy I turn to another one of my staples – Sulbutiamine. Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of Vitamin B1 and readily crosses the blood brain barrier. The energy you feel is very natural. It’s not a dirty energy like caffeine or other stimulants. Vitamin B1 is mainly responsible for converting carbohydrates into energy. Because of this, I like to take Sulbutiamine with a big bowl of fruit. This is a hidden double whammy. Not only will Sulbutiamine convert this food into raw energy but the glucose from the fruit is one of your brains favorite fuels.

No studying stack should be without a bit of carbs and sugars. Back in highschool I remember they would hand out snacks for the SAT testing but only AFTER we finished the test. It was the dumbest thing ever. They should have been feeding everybody tons of fruit and dosing us with this stack.

Moving right along the next core nootropic in this stack is L-Tyrosine. While more of a supplement, L-Tyrosine is crucial amino acid┬áresponsible for the production of dopamine. Dopamine is going to amp up your motivation and calm you down significantly. In fact, L-Tyrosine is a great energetic supplement and can even help with anxiety. L-Tyrosine is a calm energy. It’s not a supplement you’re going to take and start bouncing off the walls. It’s that “sit down and do the work” type of energy.

I’m noticeably less fidgety and more able to sit down for long periods of time. Of course, please get up and stretch from time to time if you sit down a lot. You may notice most of my videos are shot outside. I sit down a lot so towards the end of the day I get out of the house and go for very long walks. There’s something about walking that calms the mind and allows ideas to bubble to the surface. I would recommend walking to anybody.

The final nootropic to round out this stack is good ol’ caffeine. You can take this either in capsule form or hit up your favorite coffee shop. I like capsules because I can easily dial in the dose. Once I find a dose that works I can replicate it at anytime because of my experimentation. You really never know how much caffeine you’re getting in the drip format.

Caffeine is going to take the energy you get from this stack and amp things up to the next level. A little like hitting the turbo boost button. If you’re extremely sensitive to caffeine consider adding L-Theanine – a nootropic well known to smooth out the negative side effects of caffeine. Seriously. No shakes, no jitters, no anxiety. Powerful stuff.

Dosage recommendation (lower limit)

  • Piracetam – 2 – 4G
  • Sulbutiamine – 400mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 500 – 1000mg
  • Caffeine – 100 – 400mg







Sulbutiamine Review – Depression Relief and Clean Energy

Everybody these days wants more energy to move through the day with momentum. There’s nothing less productive than a sluggish brain and low levels of physical and mental energy. Sulbutiamine is my favorite nootropic for boosting my mental energy levels and giving me a good clean energy buzz (minus the crash.)

Because that’s the problem with caffeine and other stimulants. They work great in the short term but they bring you crashing down and craving more. I call this a dirty fix. I’m not discounting caffeine. I’m simply saying there is a price to pay for using it.

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic form of Vitmain B1 (Thiamine.) Thiamine is responsible for a number of crucial energy related processes in the body, primarily converting carbohydrates into energy. However, vitamin B1 has a difficult time crossing the blood brain barrier. Sulbutiamine readily crosses this firewall and produces much more pronounced effects on the mind.

For me, Sulbutiamine amps up my baseline energy levels and keeps them there for a good part of the day. It’s not a druggy energy either. You feel the natural energy come to the surface. It’s the fuel you need to get from point A to point B.

Is Sulbutiamine a potent cognitive booster? I don’t experience any cognitive benefits from using Sulbutiamine. It’s more a nootropic to use if you’re feeling sluggish and want a good clean boost of physical and mental stamina. It’s the rocket fuel that fuels the ship but you still need a captain behind the helm.

With that said, Sulbutiamine stacks up great with many other cognitive enhancing nootropics. Sulbutiamine, Piracetam, and Caffeine is a powerhouse study stack.

If you were going on a mission to space, Sulbutiamine is the steady stream of rocket fuel, Piracetam is the brains behind the operation, and Caffeine is the sexy cheerleader who makes sure moral is always high.

In fact, it’s a great nootropic to have on hand at all times and one of the safer nootropics out there. Remember, it’s just a vitamin with greater access to the brain and more pronounced effects. The B-Complex series of vitamins are well known suppliers of energy to the entire body.

One thing to note – this stuff has got to be the worst tasting nootropic I’ve ever had the pleasure of dosing. Consider capping the powder or using my shot glass method – pour a small amount of fruit juice in a cup and place the powder on top. The powder will float on top and then you slug it all back in one shot.

It’s also fat soluble so take with food. If you’re averse to eating in the mornings (when many people take it) a bit of olive oil and a splash of fruit juice does the trick.

Can Sulbutiamine alleviate depression? While there are no scientific studies to back this up, there are many anectodal reports of people successfully treating their mild to moderate depression, uplifting their mood, and fighting fatigue.

Depression expresses itself physically as a lack of energy and vigor. This physical depression has been created by conscious and unconscious thought patterns. If you can raise the energy levels of the body you can effectively alter the way you think. The mind is the body and the body is the mind. Changing one aspect of the system alters the other, for good or bad.

This means raising the energy levels of your body can effect you on the whole at a very deep level.

Overall I’ve had a great experience with Sulbutiamine. I suggest you pick up some powder and begin experimenting for yourself. While many nootropics are hit and miss with different people, Sulbutiamine appears to have a positive effect on the majority of those who take it.

It’s certainly a staple in my cabinet.

Aniracetam Review – My Favorite Nootropic For Anxiety

Aniracetam was the second nootropic I experimented with after Piracetam. I read reviews about Aniracetam and it seemed a lot of people were having success treating their anxiety. This triggered my radar straight away as I’m always on the lookout for safe supplements that calm my mind and alleviate my anxiety. It used to be I couldn’t even stand in line at the grocery store without feeling anxious about the people around me.

It was hell. I asked myself the dumbest questions. What was I going to say to the cashier as she was ringing up my groceries? Do I look weird standing here? My mind was a cesspool of negative and self defeating thought processes. What a living hell!

I ordered Aniracetam straight away and began experimenting. I took 750mg of raw powder with a bit of juice and waited patiently for any noticeable effects.

With Piracetam the effects compound over time and aren’t noticeable for the first week. With Aniracetam I felt a significant change in my state of mind in the first hour. I noticed I was calmer and there was a certain “spacey quality” about the experience. I felt like sitting down outside in the sun and relaxing – something I usually find difficult.

The colors of the plants seemed especially vibrant. The world looked as if there had been a photoshop filter applied to it. Colors were brighter and edges were extremely crisp. This effect was subtle but it was certainly there. I found myself completely entranced by this bright new world.

I put on some music which took things to the next level. I read other reviews talking about the effects Aniracetam had on music. Music sounded so good and enjoyable. I could easily sit there and enjoy the music and be in this colorful world. Not only was my mind calm but I almost found it difficult to form any kind of thought.

If you’ve ever experimented with benzodiazepines you might be familiar with this effect. While not as strong, Aniracetam has a similar effect. There’s a spacey quality of being and the normal channels of thought seem to get cut off. For me this was a great and welcome relief.

If you’re the type of person who thinks too much this is your nootropic. If you have anxiety this is your nootropic. If you have any kind of homework or studying to do this is NOT your nootropic.

I would not recommend this nootropic if you need to formulate logical thoughts or cram for an exam. There are other nootropics better suited for these tasks. Piracetam certainly comes to mind.

However, if you want to chill out this is one of the best nootropics available. I’d also recommend Aniracetam to the musician or artist. The effects on your visual acuity are quite pronounced. Edges pop and spacial recognition is enhanced.

I’m not one to recognize shapes or patterns but on Aniracetam things “take shape” so to speak. I begin to see the world as a collection of well defined shapes. This is neither positive nor negative but an interesting effect none the less.

Playing my guitar was especially enjoyable. Basic chords were an absolute joy to play, hitting every note and watching the strings vibrate, the notes resonating throughout the room. I would listen intently as the sounds would dissipate into nothingness. Almost meditative hearing how long I could hear the sound before it disappeared forever.

Overall, Aniracetam is very calming and turns the world into an immersive experience. I noticed diminishing effects over time so this is one nootropic you want to cycle to achieve the same results each time.

It’s also a fat soluble nootropic so you want to take it with food, or a bit of fat.

Now, I’m not saying you will have the same experience as me. That’s the beauty of nootropics and of this world – everybody has their own experience.

Pick some up today and discover this unique experience for yourself.