Alpha GPC Review – The BIG POPPA Nootropic


Compound – Alpha GPC

Usage – Mental and physical performance enhancer

Dosage – 300 – 1200mg

Alpha-GPC to this day remains at the top of the list for best nootropics. For some people it outshines even the most notable nootropics like Piracetam and Modafinil. Alpha-GPC has given many users a new lease on their productivity by increasing motivation and mental energy. This nootropic can easily ramp up your mental vigor to levels only seen in the most insane and daring entrepreneurs of our time. You know the types – always switched on and ALWAYS on the move with enough mental energy and resources to power a small town.

In this review we’re going to explore Alpha-GPC and all the benefits you can experience if you choose to begin a dosing regiment.

First off, what is Alpha-GPC?

Alpha-GPC is a compound used for increasing cognition in the brain. It’s known as a Choline pro drug, meaning it increases the concentration of Choline in the brain. Choline is one of the best brain boosters and a powerful precursor to the neurotransmitter Acetycholine. Acetycholine is responsible for many cognitive processes involving memory and learning.

Alpha GPC Benefits…

Alpha GPC boasts a number of powerful benefits. In fact, what I love about this stuff is the many different actions it performs in your brain. While many people know it boosts Choline and Acetycholine levels, not many understand that Alpha GPC can increase concentrations of dopamine in your body. Dopamine is THE motivational drug of choice for anybody looking to get off their ass and get stuff done. Not enough dopamine in the brain and you’ll experience difficulties finding motivation to get anything done. Not to mention “getting it up” and having a healthy sex drive.

Alpha-GPC also increases levels of human growth hormone in the body. In fact, many athletes use Alpha GPC for increasing their power output during heavy training periods. But don’t take my word for it, you can read the study yourself.

This little fact makes Alpha GPC very attractive to people working towards getting both mentally sharper and physically stronger. If you respond well to agpc the sky is the limit and congratulations on finding the perfect nootropic for yourself.

Other notable effects include an increase in sex drive and a sense of mental mania. This is perhaps attributed to the increased level of dopamine in the body. If you already have a healthly supply of Choline and Dopamine in your body the Agpc could elevate things to an uncomfortable level. As many Redditors have commented, Alpha GPC supplementation gave them rock hard erections in some very uncomfortable places for no particular reason. Perhaps if your sex drive is already high you should steer clear of this nootropic. However, certainly consider this if you feel a little lackluster in that area.

Alpha GPC side effects

All is not simply rainbows and unicorns especially when it comes to nootropics and the brain. Of course Alpha GPC carries some notable side effects which some people including yourself might be prone to experiencing. A common side effect appears to be depression. No surprises here, I’ve spoken before about how too much Choline can do this, describing Choline as the “double edged sword” of the nootropics world.

As far as side effects go, Alpha GPC can increase your Acetycholine levels which in turn elevate your serotonin levels. This leads to feelings of sluggishness and fatigue. You might feel tired and lack the energy to do anything. If this is the case, begin to take lower doses. This is why I always recommend the powder as you can easily dial in your dose to the right amount for your unique chemistry. You might also consider taking something like L-Tyrosine if you do experience the fatigue as it’s well known to increase dopamine while limiting serotonin. I’m a big fan of L-Tyrosine for its stimulating properties especially if I need a mental boost. L-Tyrosine and a cup of green tea is one easy way to blast through those mid afternoon slumps.

Is Alpha GPC right for you?

I consider this nootropic a great starter to get your feet wet. There’s a lot of potential here for some major upsides and positive benefits to your cognitive functioning. Not to mention, the study on Agpc increasing human growth hormone is worthy of note. Especially if you’re getting older HGH is something you’re certainly not producing like you were in your younger years. And even for us young bucks, who couldn’t use a little extra physical energy while making gains?

It is one of the most expensive nootropics, certainly the most expensive source of Choline on the market. The question is this – is your mental and physical energy worth the cost? Sure it’s a gamble but a gamble I think is worthy of exploring. You either double down on your life or sit on the sidelines waiting for a miracle that never comes. Alpha GPC is a gamble many are glad they took and taking it is a part of their daily performance enhancing ritual.

here’s to finding success with this nootropic. *Cheers


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