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Tianeptine Sodium Review
[Image: Tianeptine-Sodium-1G.jpg]

This is a companion post to my Tianeptine Sodium first impressions video I uploaded yesterday. Overall I had great results but probably overdosed, and by that I mean I took way too much. 

Yesterday morning I woke up and immediately cracked open my stash of Tianeptine Sodium from MondialK. (A few of you recommended this vendor so I pulled the trigger and placed an order.) Looking in the tiny aluminum canister I noted there wasn't that much powder at all. I knew right away this was going to be difficult to measure with my crappy scale. 

My current digital scale I purchased from Amazon. It supposedly measures down to 0.01 (10 milligrams) but that doesn't mean it's accurate at this weight. These cheap scales have a hard time weighing small amounts of powder. An average dose of Tianeptine Sodium ranges from 12.5 - 30mg. I decided to split the difference and take 20mg to start. 

To accurately weigh the dose I employed I technique I read about a long time ago. With the cheap digital scales, they are more accurate if they already have a little bit of weight on them. I took the lid off my Oxiracetam bottle and placed it on the scale. I then pulled apart a capsule of ZMA, dumped the original contents, and then weighed the empty capsule. I took note of the total weight and then began scooping the tiniest amounts of powder into the capsule, placing it back on the scale, and repeating this process until I reached the desired weight of 20mg.

The thing is, the numbers on the digital read-out were fluctuating. I know for a fact I did not receive an accurate measurement. I'm guessing I took too much because this stuff knocked me out. (or it's entirely possible it effects me strongly even at common doses.)

Initial effects kicked in around 20 - 30 minutes and by 45 minutes I could already feel the euphoria inhabit my entire body. I wanted to do nothing but lay in bed. I had no desire to do any kind of work. All I could do was lay there and enjoy the warm blanket of the Tianeptine Sodium. I thought how similar it was to prescription Opioid compounds like Percocet. 

I concluded Tianeptine Sodium was much stronger than the Sulfate version, but shorter lasting and more recreational. I could see how one could get addicted to the Sodium, it's truly powerful. For functionality Tianeptine Sulfate is a much better alternative. It lasts all day and I'd say the anti-depressive response is more pronounced with less recreational benefits. I was pretty useless for a good couple hours. 

Tianeptine Sodium is no doubt a great compound for individuals dealing with pain and depression. I would be sure to cycle it, perhaps with something like Kratom. 

For a more deep dive introduction to Tianeptine check out my original Tianeptine video

Tianeptine Sodium First Encounters Video

I got my self sulphate version. By the look of it you got 1g inthere, mine looks even less as it`s 0,5g, but thats like 20 doses and just by opening the box think i lost a few, it just flyes out, even when opening it carefuly.
Just in case i also threw in cart that measuring spoon for 10mg, it was 80 cents.

I dont know if you`ve seen, but i recomended mags this scale (20g tho), budget one, it doesnt fluctuate and can measure small ammounts like 12mg quite well. Actualy there was no difference against friends way more expencive scale (that one was like 200 bucks).

Looking forward what you got to say about Tianeptine sulphate and its 25mg dose. Didnt try mine yet.

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