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Semax Overview and Experience
[Image: Semax.jpg]
In this review I'll be diving into my experiences using Semax. Semax was included as part of the Russian care package sent to me by Rupharma. Rupharma has proven to be a reliable supplier of Nootropics, many of which are hard to come by. Since the closing of Ceretropic things like Semax have been difficult to find.

Semax is a Russian synthesized compound used in various medical scenarios, most notably strokes. This is a common theme with Nootropics, most of the studies involve individuals with severe brain traumas. Very few studies involve healthy individuals although this does not mean healthy people cannot benefit. According to Wikipedia, Semax is part of the Russian List of Vital & Essential Drugs. A list which I can't seem to find easily. 

With compounds like Semax however, there are interesting mechanisms which could hold massive benefits to healthy individuals. Semax increases BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) This is a specific protein in the brain designed to repair and regrow neurons. BDNF is crucial to the formation of long term memories as well as an individuals capability to learn and absorb new information. There are still many parts of the brain which can grow new neurons. BDNF is crucial for neurogenesis and a potent powerhouse for anyone looking to study for school or learn new information in general.

In rats, Semax has shown a 1.4 fold increase in overall BDNF protein levels resulting in essentially smarter rats. The study noted that Semax treated rats were quicker to learn which actions produced electric shocks. But what about the human rat brain you say?? Well, we don't have much to go off except for the anecdotal reports. 

My Experience

The liquid Semax from Rupharma came in a small glass bottle with a separate applicator. I was told the Semax must be kept in the fridge to preserve the active compounds. Apparently the quality degrades when kept at room temperature although I've read otherwise. Still, I immediately popped it in the fridge when it came in the mail. The package shipped with a small ice pack to keep the product cool. 

Semax is a peptide and has poor oral availability. The most effective method of administration is up the nose. This product is not a spray but does include a dropper. I took 1 drop in each nostril per the online instructions from Rupharma.

Instantly I experienced a mild headache. Then my anxiety kicked in. Was my brain going to explode? Was this stuff going to KILL ME?? You know, these are the things you think when you've just dropped some obscure Russian liquid (that ships with an ICE PACK) down your nose. The headache however quickly subsided. 

Aside from the headache I immediately felt some kind of brain activation. Like a buzzing in the brain, a slight stimulation of sorts. I noticed a mild boost in mood. An hour later I experienced a notable increase in overall focus and mood. It was easier to sit down at the computer and just write and read. 

For some reason I thought it a good idea to take Modafinil. I had work soon and really wanted to crank up the power. Semax and Modafinil is perhaps the closest thing I've experienced to prescription grade stimulants like Vyvanse or Adderall. 

Modafinil typically will not have me examining every single detail or caring about getting something EXACTLY right. Those of you familiar with Adderall know what I'm talking about. It's that stupid attention to the most insignificant details. At work I must have been cleaning this particular tool for a long time before I noticed what was going on. I HAD to get EVERY speck of dirt from EVERY CREVASSE. Anyway, I'll probably write up a separate review on that stack. It was a solid stack though.

On the second day I took Semax later in the afternoon. I was feeling that 3pm lull coming on. This time of the day is the PERFECT time to test noots in my opinion. If there are any energizing or Nootropic qualities in the compound they will be obvious. I noted once again an increase in focus and energy. I was able to get more done during this time then I typically would. It also seemed like I was remembering details of certain work related tasks much easier, recall seemed to be positively effected. 

The acute effects lasted for 2 - 3 hours before tapering off. There's not really a crash, at least that I can tell.

Overall I've found Semax is a good Nootropic. Probably good stuff to study on. If it's really increasing BDNF then it's a good idea to put it to good use. At this point in my life I'm not really in a place where there is tons of new information to encode. There are no tests to pass. There is nothing important or complex for me to remember. Semax will definitely have a special place in my fridge.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for that review! exactly what I'm looking for! where about do you buy it from?
(02-10-2020, 07:19 PM)Callum Foy Wrote: Thanks for that review! exactly what I'm looking for! where about do you buy it from?

Check out Rupharma. They have some in stock. The package comes with its own ice pack to keep cool. You have to keep it in the fridge to maintain integrity. A couple drops in each nostril.

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