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Bromantane - MondialK
Alright, it's time for Bromantane  Big Grin

After watching some videos and going through reviews it was very clear to me that I start with a lower dose.


I started 6:30am in the morning with 50 mg. The half life is 11 hours and I was too afraid to get a bad sleep, that's why I took it so early.

I definitey noticed after around 45 min a clear head - similar to Aniracetam - when working on my computer, I finished my daily work quicker and dealing with stupid clients face to face was much easier, as I was more relaxed. 

Just to make sure I don't get any sleeping problems I took 2 drops of essential oregano oil in a capsule before I went to sleep. (Thanks a lot dear Fallon, this one is really great)

No problems with sleep, I woke up 30min earlier totally fine in the morning.


I took 60 mg, just because I wanna feel "more".  Nothing changed, pretty much the same like Day 1.


I took 75 mg, at that day it was not so effective as day 1 or 2. I was a bit disappointed as many people said, it will enhance your fitness, but I haven't felt any different from usual. 


I took 100 mg. Didn't change anything for me. Sleep still ok, very subtle. 


my last day with 50 mg like day 1. 


Bromantane will boost your brain in a certain way, but Aniracetam or Modafinil will do the same. 

For me there was no enhancement in endurance or strength in the gym. 

I have to say I have expected more.

I will not buy it again, it is also pain in the ass to measure it and you definitely need a good scale with 0.001 gr.
Awesome review! I think it's good to see both sides of Nootropics, the positive reviews and also the negatives. I do wish that you experienced the endurance enhancement as it was very pronounced for me. Atleast you have found the Oregano oil useful. That is something not a lot of people are aware of!
Fallon, don't misunderstand me, Bromantane is a nice one, but I can get those benefits from Modafinil or Aniracetam as well.

Next one on my list is Ostarine and then Cardarine, these are SARMS.

Especially Cardarine is something you should try too as it really boosts endurance to the next level.

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