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Tianeptine alternatives
Im looking for a good alternative other than kratom 
Are you going for that opioid buzz? As far as Nootropics go there really isn't an alternative, besides Kratom as you mentioned. Tianeptine is a super unique Nootropic with no alternative substitutes. Phenibut is the next best choice in terms of mood boosting, Modafinil also if you're looking for energy and anti depressive effects. Those are both qualities you typically see in Tianeptine.

I have both Tianeptine Sulfate and Sodium coming in from an overseas vendor.
Yea the only alternative I could think of for Tianeptine would be Phenibut. I know that it has a lot of the same feeling effects in terms of mood (anti-anxiety/depression) and Phenibut is a lot easier to come across. I do know, from friends' experiences, that over doing Phenibut can have some harsh side-effects similar to Tianeptine so I'd keep that in mind (try to follow recommended dosages, and do over do it). I've tried both of these chemicals, and I found I liked Phenibut a bit more, to me Tianeptine was a bit too strong and I saw a few friends start over doing it so I kind of stepped away from Tianeptine due to that.

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