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Suggestions about my first nootropics stack
Hey guys, after binging on Fallon videos on youtube I have finally decided to create my first stack to start 2021 with the right foot.

Currently, I'm working 2 remote jobs and I also run an online business with 2 employees, so having 8-10 hour workdays is the norm for me.

I'm looking for a stack that gives me focus, concentration, and energy during the day.

Since this is the first time that I try nootropics my idea was to start using Noopept and CDP-choline so I don't have too many variables in the mix and I can start seeing how my brain responds to those 2 compounds.

Since I live in the EU, more specifically in Italy, racetams, and Modafinil and in a sort of grey area and I don't want to risk having trouble with the law ordering them online.

So what is your thought on my stack? Do you any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
Maybe try Noopept by itself? From what I've learned choline is only needed if you get headaches or other side effects. Have you tried Piracetam yet?


Edit: I see you do not want to try Piracetam because of legal concerns, NVM!
You're really limiting yourself cutting out racetams and Modafinil. Those are the most powerful cognitive enhancers in my experience. I suppose Noopept is the next best option, maybe look into Nicotine, theacrine, and L Theanine too.

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