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Russian astronaut
Hey everyone,

I go by the name Maxim Fabio on youtube!

I am from Russia, Moscow but have lived most of my life in Europe, however, I go to Moscow during the year and often stay there for a few months, I speak fluent Russian, English, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, and learning some Mandarin as we speak Smile

I have been in the nootropics field since 2015.

I used to have a construction company with about 20 workers, and our biggest project that we achieved was we build Facebook's HQ in Stockholm in 2015. I had the company for about 4 years and it was in the end of 2015 I've was totally burned out and had enough of being all-purpose boss it was too much, I had become burned out of all responsibility and all hard work I've done for years between 5 am and 1 am 6 days a week, bad nutrition, a lot of sitting in a car or at the office and a lot of consuming of energy drinks/coffee, I am high-performance person, I have been through the hard way in life, and been learned to not complain or cry just put up with it and hit life hard. I've been also into MMA and boxing but even that has changed since I have this chronic fatigue syndrome and it have limited some of my daily life routines and activities, the only help has been so far nootropics and vitamins a lot with bio-resonance technologies that seem to work for me.

I will be more than welcome to share my experience and knowledge to this community and like-minded people like myself, I truly live my life by giving and believe that is a way of life, so therefor next time I am in Moscow (the border is closed until May 17th because of the corona) I will send to Fallon nootropics that have helped me that are less known in the western world/internet that are as much as effective as phenylpiracetam but has not been heard of, and other ones for him to try it out and review, as I believe we have the right to know and use something that makes our life easier and better.

I am glad I have found this genuine channel and movement and be a small part of it.

All the best
Hi there and welcome!!
Coffee cheers my friend it is good to have you! I'm sure many of us are interested in hearing about what kind of Nootropics are available in Russia. A lot of cool stuff seems to come out of the country.
I would like hear of such Russian smart drugs...

Late-night tea cheers everyone,

I will in the next few days write up a post regarding some of them to share with you, stay tuned!

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