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Recovery Nootropics
After using some of the heavy hitters like phenibut or modafinil, any experience of protocols to assist for recovery during cycling and reset time. Find NAC excellent for addressing GABA or glutamate issues which can be out of whack. Heard Alpha Lipoic acid , Alcar combination good too.
NAC is good as you've mentioned. I find it really helps with controlling the impulse factor of wanting to take a drug or Nootropic. Fasoracetam takes the edge off the Phenibut withdrawals to some degree because it modulates the Gaba B receptors. I'm also a fan of Magnesium, Taurine, Zinc, and vitamin B6 which all promote healthy Gaba function. As far as the Modafinil I've heard Agmatine resets tolerance and helps for stimulant recovery. Aside from those I'd say lots of water, sunlight, and all that other good stuff! Brain can take some time to recover depending the amount of time you were using the compounds.

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