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Piracetam + Phenylpiracetam + Keto
Today marks day 9 on the Keto diet where I've been drastically limiting carbs in favor of higher fat and protein foods. I woke up today and decided I was going to make myself a nice cup of coffee with a side of Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam. On the keto my overall brain energy levels are relentless and I feel there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Taking 4G of Piracetam and 200mg of Phenylpiracetam sent me to the moon.

I feel as though a sense of mania has washed over my brain. It will not slow down and my only options are to continuously work and read. The changes in perception on Keto have been quite profound, it does feel like I am in a kind of altered state of consciousness.  

I will no doubt have to slow down on these energetic type nootropics as the fasting/keto has really turned my brain into an energy machine, I do not need any excess energy...although Piracetam is one of my all time favorite Nootrpics for cranking on creativity. The phenylpiracetam was no doubt a bit much.

Tonight I will no doubt have a bit of insomnia. Maybe upping my calories will tone down this sense of euphoria. I believe fasting does put the mind into a heightened state of awareness. From an evolutionary standpoint, the brain needs to be fully optimal to go out and hunt down a food source successful. Everything is acute, I would say even my vision appears crisper.

Overall I'd rather have an abundance of energy than feel depressed and lethargic.
I have only tried Phenibut and L-THEANINE and I have enjoyed both! I'm excited to try more!
Sounds like an amazing combination! Be careful, but also realize a lot great things can come as a result of work done under a state of mania. Many great musicians, artists, and actors have produced their best works in such a state.

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