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Piracetam - MondialK
Good old Piracetam.

I took 2 gr in the morning and 2 gr in the early afternoon. Very nice, very subtle, mood is better, more focus.

Very easy to measure and no side effects. 

Nothing else to say about it, Fallon covered it up perfectly. 

I do like Aniracetam better, but I never tried both of them at the same time.

After Aniracetam and Bromantane, Piracetam is the third product I took from MondialK and I have to say I am not disappointed. It took around 8 days till everything was here, without any problems at the fucking Thai customs.
Piracetam is an all time classic. Great mood stabilizer. I wish they would do more studies on it regarding mental health conditions. Personally nothing has worked better for managing Bipolar than Piracetam.

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