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Phenibut vs Gabapentin
I've had a script for Gabapentin for a long time but have left it untouched. Any reason to use it over Phenibut? Any big differences? I read on another forum they are very similar. I like pheni for the mood boost and energy, not sure if I'll get the same out of gabapentin...and not interested in being addicted to 2 things at
I haven't tried Gabapentin but Phenibut is in the same class of compounds (Gabapentinoids.) From what I've read Gabapentinoids don't actually modulate the GABA system, unlike Phenibut which modulates GABA B, and even GABA A at higher doses. Their effects are largely hinged on voltage gated calcium channels, something that Phenibut also touches on to a degree. It's unclear how much of Phenibuts effects are related to VGCC versus the GABA B/Dopaminergic component. If it's mood boost and general energy you're going for I don't see how Gabapentin would be in any way superior to Phenibut.

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