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Phenibut HCL versus FAA?
Hi,  what it the difference, if any, between the Phenibut HCL and the FAA.  I have only tried the Nootropics’s Depot HCL but was curious about trying the Lift Mode FAA.  Anybody have experience comparing the two or have any other recommendations?
HCL is roughly 83% pure while FAA is 99.5% pure. FAA is used for sublingual administration under the tongue while HCL is more acidic and must be taken in capsule form, or dissolved into liquid. FAA is not very water soluble. Some people prefer one over the other, I always recommend trying both. For people who just want to pop a pill, HCL is the best version as you don't have to wait for the powder to dissolve under your tongue. HCL is the least expensive of the 2 and the clear economical choice. Overall the experience is pretty much identical, I think it comes down to how you want to take it at the end of the day.
I have found I enjoy the faa more. Straight under the tongue for maximum effect!!
I tried the FAA version and didnt respond to it at all. Had literally no effect. I dont know if it was just a bad batch or what.

I respond better to the HCL version personally.

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