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Hey Guys,

I just want to ask you somebody used this stack? 
I'm mainly focusing for getting out the maximum of the Phenibut with using the lowest dose as possible.

As Fallon reviewed, Fasoracetam and Phenibut combined well, what if I add the emoxypine, too? Overkill?

Or maybe a protocoll like this: 
Tuesday to Friday low dose Pheni+Faso, on the weekend only Emoxypine+Faso and "giving those Gaba-b receptors a brake" so I can hop back on the next week tuesday the same Pheni dose with same effectiveness?

What do you guys think?
Even at a low dose I would say 4 days in a row Phenibut is pushing it. How have your off days been treating you? Heightened anxiety or depression?
Yea 4 days in a row probably a bit much. If you need something similar to Phenibut you should try Phenylpiracetam with a bit of Modafinil, or Phenyl + Faso. These combos seem to give the same stimulating quality of Phenibut minus euphoria. and since your taking low doses you're probably not getting any euphoria anyways. Take these on your in between days.


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