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Today i decided to sit behind the wheel of my 500hp Kenworth truck while using Phenibut for the 1st time. Loaded it up full and took a 349km long drive as delivery was due today. On the highway i carelessly disabled speed limiter and pushed her to the limit. My recklesness almost cost me and others dearly. Just few minutes away from destination at speed of 130km/h with full load time stoped. And i already saw me running over some poor guy that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, running into some totaly relaxed and singing nut on Phenibut.

Hear me out how it all began.

Last few days i was “playing” with Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, L-theanine and Alpha Gpc stack. Was trying to find where my limits are, before it all starts to produce negative effects . I`m a good responder to Piracetam, 2000mg in the morning along with 150-200mg l-Theanine and strong coffe really gets me going.

Yesturday i found out that the 4th dose of 200mg Phenylpiracetam is where it all looses its use. Also wanted to know what happens to sleep when taking last stack at late evening hours.
Stacking from morning till 7pm, ended up with taking 4000mg Piracetam, 900 mg Phenylpiracetam, 1000+mg Oxiracetam, 300mg Alpha gpc, 500mg L-theanine, 500mg Magtein and somewhere along 100mg Aniracetam.
Last stack taken at 7pm and i was able to sleep about 5-6 hours later, but woke up 5hours later totaly rested, in a good mood, good ammount of energy.

Todays morning stack threw me off tho. 2500Mg Piracetam, 230mg Phenylpiracetam, 100mg Alpha gpc and 150mg L-theanine produced too much energy, did alot tho, but was anxcious, generaly felt good tho. Untill i took another 200mg of L-theanine about 2 hours later to try push that anxiety away.
Didnt feel good after that, also had to eat some sugar as i was starting to feel weak and shaking, as my blood sugar feel. Dont have diabetes tho and that doesnt easily happen to me.

Anyway,  after lunch i knew i`m going to need some good sleep today so i decided to try Phenibut for the 1st time as its been sitting here for while now.
Didnt know how i would respond so i took Fallons advice and started easy with 90mg Phenibut FAA (Mondialk) sublingual and about 1,5 hour later another 90mg.
When it all kicked in it hit me good.
Apparent opiod felling when it kicks in, my BP dropped alot at start, was dizzy a bit, breathing slowed way way down, so i took another 2000mg Piracetam to get me going. Had to get up and get me moving and bout hour later it all set in and it felt great.  I knew i can do normal smallest ammount so i weighted another 90mg and placed it under the tounge, grabbed one banana, sat down, grabbed the wheel,  pressed twice on icon saying american truck simulator and rushed down the road :p. Had you going there, didnt i, hehe.
Well, thats my Phenibut experience to share, hope you enjoyed it, know i do.
Dont mind the grammar errors, felling way to good&relaxed to go through and correct it. Atleast not today.

Safe word of advice, don`t drive powerful machines while dosing Phenibut

update: i squized "truck" into title and first sentence, so its more apparent what i ment, knew it might be tricky to know what i ment right away, but didnt feel to edit it at that point. hehe i started topic like my mum sometimes does, she`s thinking of something and starts conversation on topic in the middle of what she was thinking hehe, like we`know what she was thinking for the past minute.
Haha good review. I had to look up what a 500hp Kenworth was. Phenibut and Phenylpiracetam are solid Nootropics for those long trucking hauls.

That is a lot of racetam action though. For your blood pressure drops consider upping your salt intake instead of taking Piracetam. I get the same effects from many racetams especially combined with coffee. A little salt helps a lot. My dizziness happens when I stand up too fast, the drop in BP is more pronounced on certain Nootropics. Keeping a healthy electrolyte balance is crucial - salt, potassium, magnesium, and sugar. I've found Pedialyte works well to maintain especially if I'm engaging in endurance sports.

If I become too anxious on a stack I will take a lower dose next time, L-Theanine helps in the meantime.
To much racetams i know. Better to find out what a bit of abuse does, at start, as sooner or later theres gonna come that day, so better be prepared for effects in advance.
My long term aim is to find stacks and minimum doses that work for me and not redosing every few hours. Those crazy all day long stacks were pure fun & abuse, but i can afford that for a short time, then back to work. Phenylpiracetam already went into deepest drawer i could find, im to familiar with those effects, just dont want to come down, hehe.
Pramiracetam is next in line to try, by the look of videos you made on it, its not gonna be on my daily list.
You`re right on, keeping a healthy electrolyte balance and all is crucial, true that i totaly missed my regular eating, drinking schedule that morning.
Wondering if microdoses of Phenibut for a better part of the week and a bit longer period like 14 days in a row would also produce those withdral sympthoms and if there would be any benefit at all. You ever tried that?
Hey been on caffeine and phenibut stack for 3 weeks now, but have hard time to go to sleep need advice
(02-11-2020, 11:07 PM)MaximFabio Wrote: Hey been on caffeine and phenibut stack for 3 weeks now, but have hard time to go to sleep need advice

Phenibut Side Effects from Using Too Much

You could also experience side effects if use too much. If you take the recommended dosages of Phenibut, you should not experience side effects at all. Anything over 2000 milligrams per day can lead to side effects that are similar to other GABA stimulators as well as alcohol. For example, you may experience headaches, nausea, lightheadedness, fatigue, difficulty sleeping or mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression. You may even experience memory loss and unconsciousness if you take huge amounts. That’s why it is really recommended that you stick to 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams per day and no more than three doses per day.

Phenibut Tolerance

One last thing to remember when it comes to the side effects of Phenibut is that your tolerance for this supplement can build up rather quickly. This is the main reason that most people decide to avoid taking it on a daily basis. By giving yourself a day or two off between each dose, you can ensure that you will not end up taking too much of it over the long term. You will find that you need to take more and more of the supplement every day if you want to use it all the time, and this is something that will simply not work over the long run. To make sure that you can avoid the minor side effects of this supplement and not end up building up a tolerance to it, take things slow at first. You can learn how to control your doses as you become more experienced with Phenibut, but one rule to remember is that this is usually something to you should not be taking on a daily basis.

You can

Personaly, i would stop with Phenibut for about a week, atleast. If you feel extremely down in that time, try with something that gets you going, either excersise, something like 200mg phenylpiracetam + l-theanine  + coffe, perhaps even Aniracetam as it could be calming in extreme stressful situations to some degree, by the experience i had with it in the last week. Keep in mind that those stacks might also keep you up, so take em early.

Did you experience any nightmares, before all that trouble sleeping begun?
I find that taking it 2 days in a row, gets me sweating at night for the next 1-2 days, along with these extremely vivid nightmares. Also experience similar after effects when taking Aniracetam in late afternoon hours.

I was just thinking about this and had to update. Really curious on what kinda dose you landed after 3 weeks, i mean on 2nd day you need to double it to feel anything similar to the first.
(02-11-2020, 11:07 PM)MaximFabio Wrote: Hey been on caffeine and phenibut stack for 3 weeks now, but have hard time to go to sleep need advice

I would also recommend taking a small and short break. Phenibut gives me loads of energy, its really something to use maybe only on the weekends. Or for high stress events or occasional partying. I take Magnesium for sleep, also Tuarine and Ashwaganda. Good for sleep, also a bit of Melatonin at night can help, any kind of night time tea at your local grocer works. Limit coffee to the beginning of the day etc.
See i forgot to mention that quiting Phenibut straight after taking it for prolonged time also aint such a good idea.
Should lover the dose in next few days.

Other info i got meanwhile, Fasoracetam is upregulating Gaba-b receptors, that are affected by Phenibut. Not much research done on Fasoracetam, most info on it is passed on by other users. Its suppose to counteract negative side effects of Phenibut.

Fasoracetam should be taken early in the morning, as it also produces insomnia if taken late. It should not be mixed with Phenibut though.

Fasoracetam is also suppose to lower tolerance to Phenibut,  has short half life, so redosing, to get full effects. Like said, last dose not to be taken to late, as one might end up with the opposite effect that was intended in first place.

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