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NewAge Supplements New Vendor
Hey guys, I've recently started a Nootropics and CBD vendor site and was looking for feedback and the best way to market it. My goal is to bring laboratory pure nootropics and CBD to people at the lowest prices possible and hopefully make it my full-time job. The site is still under construction but I do have phenibut for sale if anyone is interested please email

The website URL is we plan to offer free samples when we launch and are currently waiting on custom packaging to arrive and some of our delta8 and other nootropics to arrive. My apologies if I didn't go through the correct channels I work a full-time job and am excited to get my startup off the ground. 

Let me know what you think of the site so far, I haven't had much time to work on it but having a small customer base would help me alot. also if anyone has any input on the best way to market it once I get all the products together. I have COA of all products available if that is a requirement to post as vendor here.
Looking for any help promoting/starting my vendor.
Trying to do this on a budget cause I'm broke as hell but we can offer free samples of delta 8 honey distillates and phenibut. We also have a limited source of tianeptine available.

Let me know what you guys think. Trying to stock the most profitable ones first and I will move on to stock NAC piracetam mushroom extracts ect.. we are passionate about nootropics! It is my dream to escape the daily grind of work and become a successful nootropics vendor
Now offering Tianeptine, Phenibut and Delta 8 honey Distilllate and
Tianeptine Sodium:
10G - 80$
20G  -145$
50G - 300$

200G - 55$
500G -135$
Delta 8 Honey Distillate 
Carts - 15$
Batteries - 15$ 
Pure Honey Distillate (Perfect for edibles, or vaporizers)
5G - 40$

We are excited to hear from you! We're updating our site to include all the new stock! We're taking orders now and all shipping is USPS Priority free! Taking payments via, and Cashapp!
we're working on an invoice system to allow you to pay via credit card. Anyone interested in a sample can PM me here or email at

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