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Legitimate tianeptine sulfate sources?
Hey guys,

Back when Nootropics Depot carried tianeptine sulfate, I was using it regularly to treat my OCD, ADHD, and depression. It was highly effective, and I never developed any sort of tolerance or addiction. Unfortunately, tianeptine sulfate is the only medication I've tried that works, so I've been searching for a legitimate source for the sulfate for what feels like years now. 

There's a plethora of supposed tianeptine vendors, but I'm not sure if I trust any of them. I've heard nothing but reports of bunk product and scams. Until today, I wasn't even aware of this subreddit, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Which tianeptine vendors are still legitimate in 2020?

I'm considering Nootrominds, as it's been recommended on a few forums. That said, I'm still skeptical. Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of Nootrominds?

I'm also considering these vendors. I'd be eternally grateful if someone could verify which of them are trustworthy:

  1. Nootropic Source

  2. Savant Research (I've heard good things, but I can't seem to add any of their products to my cart)

  3. Mondialk (I've heard mixed things)

  4. Sunny Smart Supp (unfortunately they only sell sodium, and I'm only interested in sulfate)

  5. Diamond Supplement

  6. NootroMinds

  7. Tianeptineexpress (seems sketchy)

  8. Tianeptinedirect (despite high Trustpilot reviews, I've heard bad things)

  9. Crystal clear supplements
Are any of these vendors legit, or is there a better vendor I have yet to find?
Please help me out if you can. I've had to cease all of my medications due to being kicked off my health insurance, and tianeptine sulfate would substantially improve my quality of life. Thanks!
I have experience with product from MondialK. This was roughly back towards the beginning of 2020. It was high quality at the time as far as I could tell but quality may vary from batch to batch. I also had extensive experience with the Tianeptine sulphate from ND and was disappointed to see it go.

We have a thread here on the forums you can check out if you haven't seen it already:

There's also Kratom which is a decent alternative to Opiates but Tianeptine does seem to have a unique mood elevating component.

Personally if I really like something I will spend money on multiple vendors to see what is legit. The money I send overseas is risk money, If that money disappears or I'm disappointed with the product I'm not too surprised and consider it part of the cost of doing research.
Thanks for the quick response! I'm very familiar with kratom - too familiar, actually. I'm tapering right now, and intend to quit completely on June 1st. I'm hoping to find some tianeptine sulfate to help with the withdrawal. I know it will only make things worse/delay the inevitable if I take large doses of tianeptine, but I intend to only take proper therapeutic doses. I stuck to 25mg twice a day back when it was last available, and it didn't result in any kind of addiction. I suspect that therapeutic doses will prove invaluable so long as I stick to 25mg - 50mg per day.

Unfortunately MondialK isn't domestic, so it wouldn't arrive in time to help me with this particular issue. I'll still probably try him eventually, as the primary reason I'm seeking tianeptine sulfate is still for treating my OCD and ADHD.

I just placed an order with Crystal Clear Supplements. They seem legitimate, and they actually have a physical address, which is a plus. 1 gram cost me $24, so the financial risk is minimal. I'm thinking about placing another order with Nootrominds as well, as they seem to have a good reputation (granted, I was only able to find like two Reddit threads that mentioned them - everything else has been banned and deleted). Like you, I think I should try multiple vendors to determine which is best.

Savant Research appears to be legitimate as well, but I can't actually check out or add anything to my cart. I've sent them an email about it, so hopefully they respond relatively soon.
What is your current Kratom usage like if you don't mind me asking? How's the tapering going?
Well, I used kratom very responsibly for 7 years. My general rule of thumb was to restrict my usage to 1 or 2 times per week, although I often spaced out my dosages by two weeks. I'm a huge advocate of responsible kratom use, as I consider it to be one of the safest and beneficial psychoactives around. I know several people whose lives were saved by kratom, as it allowed them to get off hard opiates.

Eventually, I ended up having two of the most difficult years of my life, and I succumbed to my depression and started using kratom everyday. I averaged about an ounce per day. At the same time, my dad transitioned from painkillers (he had been prescribed oxycodone for pain) to kratom at my behest, and was taking around 50 grams a day. He quit cold turkey last week, and to both of our surprised, his physical withdrawal only lasted 3 days. It inspired me to quit earlier than I had originally planned.

I've managed to go 24 hours without dosing this week, and while the withdrawal was certainly unpleasant, it wasn't unbearable. If my dads experience is anything to go by, the withdrawal symptoms should peak on the second day, and gradually subside on days 3 and 4. I'll give an update on my experience after the first week, if you'd like. The main symptoms I've experienced are cold sweats, runny nose, insomnia, and lethargy.

I've also been in the process of stopping fairly mild etizolam use, and managed to go a full 6 days without it last week. The withdrawal was fairly mild, thankfully; the main symptoms were irritability and severe insomnia (I was using etizolam to treat my insomnia in the first place, so "severe insomnia" isn't too far from my baseline insomnia). By day 4, the irritability had subsided, and by day 5 I felt completely normal (actually better than normal, like I was slightly hypomanic).
Addiction is rough, very easy to get into a bad cycle from life circumstance and find yourself going sideways. Then you start taking other drugs to come off the one you're super hooked on. Coming off booze I developed an Etizolam and Temazepam habit to manage the withdrawals (which probably saved my life at the time), then went back on the booze to come off those..and then repeated this cycle a number of times before coming off all of it. An absolute vicious cycle.

Keep us posted on your progress, I think these types of posts can really help out others.
Yes please keep us updated as I'm on a similar path and have come to terms that Kratom is not the best for me and it's time to come off.
I’m curious to see how you guys made out with your taper. The last post on this thread is from 5/29/20

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2...3

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2giijj

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2FMA?
(12-08-2020, 02:03 AM)Tsargeano Wrote: I’m curious to see how you guys made out with your taper. The last post on this thread is from 5/29/20

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2...3

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2giijj

Hi guys, does anyone have any new or existing sources for Tieneptine Sulfate or 2FMA?

Still hooked on 20 grams a day give or take.
It is posted up on eBay right now 2/17/21 The listing link will occasionally change.  It is 100%, pay with credit card and eBay return protection.  Message me for new link it that one is closed.  This one if for sodium

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