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Hi Ya'll
Followed the link in the description box for the "Powder Panic!" video on YT. Fabulous (and too real) video and new subscriber here hoping to learn more about the Nootropics world. Funny enough I've been taking Modafinil for a very long time now courtesy of a long time friend who had a prescription. I didn't know it was a "Nootropic" or that there were other drugs and supplements for brain function available. I'm a web developer and use Modafinil to just work tirelessly, I'm learning this is not a sustainable solution and looking into "cycling" with other things. Looking back I wish I'd known the consequences of long term usage. So far I've heard of Choline and Piracetam but truly there's too many things out there to try so hoping to widdle things down with all the info here. Love the classic forums btw, I was surprised to see it even looks good on mobile as most forums don't automatically resize. 

Hello to Fallon and everyone,

MC (Madcabby)
Welcome to the forums. Yeah it took me a while to get the forum mobile friendly. There's still a few problems especially when you're trying to write a post on mobile. For the most part it's pretty functional though.
(02-23-2020, 07:18 AM)Boolean Wrote: Welcome to the forums. Nice to see another web developer here!

Which MyBB theme do you use Fallon? I run a forum but the theme I found doesn’t look this good on mobile.

It's a theme called NetPen.

It's really the only solution I found to make the board mobile. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in 2 years so the guy has probably stopped supporting it. There's a few problems like trying to expand the text box when you make a new thread or reply. 

I don't know if it will survive when MyBB releases an update. My plan is to keep the current version as long as possible unless there's a major security hole or a PHP update breaks things. Feel free to share your forum if you want.

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