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Favorite Modafinil stacks and combos?
Any recommended combos out there? About to get some Armodafinil (waklert) in the mail and looking to stock up on some other synergizing Nootropics... cheers to all and hope everyone is safe out there

Can't go wrong with L Theanine if you get anxiety from the Modafinil. Phenibut is good for a recreational stimmy effect, as is Phenylpiracetam.

Strong Coffee + 150mg Waklert + 200mg Phenylpiracetam if you want sweaty palms and a rapid heart rate... lol. Super stimulating. I will always throw in some L Theanine or Taurine to take the edge off. These days I never take a full pill. The days I take Modafinil I try to wake up as early as possible so I have a chance of sleeping later.
50mg if Modafinil
2g of Piracetam
Coffee or Tea
L theanine
Is a good stack for me not too crazy but a definite boost and I can sleep.

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