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Fallons Quick Guide To Choline
Okay so here's a quick guide to Choline and what you need to know about it in terms of Nootropic effect.

What is Choline?

Choline is an essential nutrient required for a number of critical processes in the body. For the purposes of this guide we will focus on Choline and its relationship to brain performance. Choline is a precursor to the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine which is crucial for cognitive function and memory. While the body can synthesize a small amount of Choline in the liver, food remains its primary source. Choline rich foods include eggs, broccoli, and liver.

Why not just eat Choline rich foods instead of supplements?

If you already consume eggs and other Choline rich foods do you still need to supplement? While you may be getting plenty of Choline in foods, the body is slow to absorb it because it's also combined with fats, proteins, and other nutrients present in the food. In order to be shuttled into the brain for Acetylcholine production Choline must be taken in acute amounts unattached from proteins and fats. Taking Nootropics on an empty stomach is generally good advice as proteins and fats can slow absorption. This is especially important for Amino Acids which brutally compete with each other for absorption. 

Choline versions

Alpha GPC - Alpha GPC is perhaps the most popular form of Choline. The compound is extremely bio available and increases Choline concentrations not only in the body but in the brain as well. 41% of Alpha GPC is converted into readily available Choline. Outside of enhancing brain function Alpha GPC also contributes to growth hormone and power output. This is of particular interest to athletes looking to boost both their mental and physical capabilities. Alpha GPC offers 2 in 1 benefits to both mind and body.

CDP Choline (Citicoline) - CDP-Choline is another popular Nootropic and similar to Alpha GPC provides health benefits beyond the provisioning of Choline. CDP-Choline contributes to healthy Acetylcholine production but is also a pro drug for Uridine. Uridine promotes cellular growth and enhances the function of Dopamine in the brain. For these reasons CDP Choline can be very energizing (Dopaminergic) for some. CDP Choline has a long half life. It is generally advised not to take CDP Choline everyday and to be vigilant of any adverse side effects (with all Nootropics.)

Choline Bitartrate - Choline Bitartrate is the least expensive form of Choline and extremely bio available. Choline Bitartrate however does not increase brain concentrations of Choline and therefore provides little cognitive value (boo). Some users report the alleviation of racetam induced headaches with this supplement but it is generally not viewed as a cognitive enhancer by itself. 


My personal recommendation with Choline (and all Nootropics for that matter) is to start with a low dose. For most sources of Choline this would be right around 100mg. Unfortunately you rarely see pre made capsules come at such a low dosage which is why I recommend buying Nootropics in bulk powder. Otherwise, you are tethered to whatever dose is provided in the capsule. However, taking Choline in the generic premade ranges (250 - 500mg) isn't a bad method of exploration. Just start with the lowest dose you can and see how you react. If you have taken too much it will become very clear. You may become lethargic and develop a mild depression. This is a classic side effect of taking too much Choline. If you hit the right dose you will notice more mental energy and focus. Some individuals respond very well to Choline and get instant energy. Pay attention to how you're feeling day to day and keep track of how you feel. Play around with doses, adding more or less depending on your subjective experience. 


Choline is a powerful Nootropic and can play a crucial role in your stacks and overall mental performance. Find that sweet spot and Choline will treat you very well. 

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