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F Phenibut?
Okay, who's got any experience with this one? Better than FAA/HCL?
It's on the list of things I want to try. I know it's much stronger than regular Phenibut and has a higher affinity for the Gaba B receptors, which could make it more euphoric. Personally I'm not sure if this is a good thing especially for those who barely manage to keep their Phenibut usage to once/twice a week lol. There are certain compounds I just steer clear of, but I'm of the opinion everything is worth a try. If I find something too addictive I immediately throw it out haha. Lately I've been having lots of success with Phenibut/1P so I haven't been too motivated to seek out other compounds.
Tried this a few times, more of sedative effect, didnt feel the dopamine effect of regular phenibut , wasnt eurphoric for me. Got deep sleep felt focused and upbeat next morning. Expect dosage is key like phenibut so may need some tinkering.
Phenibut gives me the deepest sleep! Also a very pleasant after glow the next day. Have not tried F Phenibut.

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