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Etizolam Blotters
I was thinking of ordering Etizolam blotters from rarechems to Canada but it seems to be a controlled substance. Should I still go through with this purchase? What is the worst possible outcome if it gets seized. Wish this was easier because I just want meds for my anxiety. Any input is much appreciated.
I can't be certain what the Canadian protocol is, perhaps if there is anyone from Canada they can chime in. Here in the U.S. if they seize your package you get a letter in the mail about the seizure and that's that. There is no criminal prosecution. This happens a lot with Modafinil. I imagine it's too expensive and requires a lot of logistics to track down and prosecute an individual, when they can just destroy the package and be done with it. It's also hard to prove you actually ordered the substance. Especially with Bitcoin, it would be hard to prove. In my research I've discovered U.S. customs are much more strict with packages. Having discussed importing with a number of overseas vendors, they all say it's much easier getting shipments into Canada.

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