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Bulletproof Coffee cheers
Hey everyone! 
Currently sipping on some bulletproof coffee. Thought I would drop little intro since I lurked a bit and have been following the channel since this spring. Its nice to have a little niche online community. If I mention something like phenylpiracetam to one of my friends they just look at me like I'm from outer space lol.

I'm from Canada, 32, enjoy hiking, martial arts/muay thai, gaming and reading. Was diagnosed adhd in my last year of college which led to a love and hate relationship with stimulant medication. Couple years later I hit the ceiling and had to quit my job as a sales rep due to burnout. Nootropics have helped tremendously in recovering from anedhonia/fatigue and I spent the last year or 2 experimenting with what works best for me to create the perfect stack!

Finally got to a point where I was ready to take on the world again and return to college for computer science then the pandemic began...

So here I am. Just trucking through the apocalypse, every now and then, tweaking the stack a bit as I'm waiting in queue to go back to college. I may just re introduce modafinil to the stack and self teach myself some new skills lol.

My current stack is
- Tyrosine
- Uridine
- Bromantane (month cycle)
- 9 me-bc (week cycle)
- Alcar
- Ashwaghanda (KSM but have shoden on the way)
- Theanine
-Kratom (keeping it to 1g or 2 a day)
- Cdp choline (2-3 times a week)
In the evening, Kava liquid drops has been the best relaxing compound I've found. Along with fascoracetam sometimes for some reason...
Of course this goes without mentioning the essentials like that good ol vitamin D and exercise lol.
(Then I'd have a much longer list to share...)

Just waiting on that Piracetam comeback!
MCT Bulletproof coffee cheers to everyone!
Coffee cheers and welcome! I am interested in the brand of Kava drops you use.
Nice stack. How long have you been taking Kratom daily? Planning on getting me some Shoden too, I do like KSM-66 but a stronger version would be nice.
@mags - I got the kava from biovea, the site removed it but the brand was eurovital, you could probably order direct from them. I just visited my local health store hoping they would have some but its one of those natural products thats hard to source for some reason.

@liquid02 - I've been on this low dose of kratom for about a year now. I plan to stop when (if ever) the pandemic is over. Went off it for a month just to see what would happen and had no WD whatsoever. I've found 1-2g to be pretty harmless mood booster during these times. I just toss half a teaspoon in my protein shake.

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