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Bromantane review
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This is my first time with bromantane, i already had good feelings about i from hearing multiple reports of it being worthwhile and then some.

First day 10am i decided to just go low, which was for me two red microscoops (15-20mg) sublingual. Didn't notice much until about two hours in i had a definite sense of clear mind and energy. This seemed to continue most of the day.

Second day, had the same dose size 10am, and since i didn't have any caffine yet i decided to  stack on 50 mg phenylpiracetam (why not?). I had a few things to do that day anyway. The effects of both came on subtle but worked nicely as i took care of yard work for some family members.  I normally don't drink soda but decided to have a mountain dew for added caffeine. I can say i felt calm clean energy all day and positive clear mood, which for me is rare. I could recommend bromantane for anyone looking for slight motivation boost.

I'm going to be getting a better scale for more accurate doses. I'm planning to up the dose but would like to be sure each time.
Took it for last three days , works best for me when I have brain fog , lack of motivation,especially after using weed. Gives a steady boost, feels like it replenishes dopamine function. Having done some research will only use on as and when needed. It has a strong history of use in Russian in its pharma form.
I took 50mg of a Bromantane solution yesterday and noticed subtle effects; slight mood boost, skin tingles, etc. I took 100mg this morning, but I didn’t really think it felt different from the 50mg from yesterday. At noon, I added 100mg of Phenylpiracetam and I felt like it helped. While I like the effects of Bromantane, I was hoping it would be more stimulating; maybe it builds up in the system. On the other hand, the anxiolytic properties seem to relax me later in the day.
It's definitely a slow build up and subtle background energy. I notice the effects hit critical mass around day 3, and then I seem to get a sort of mental confusion. Probably a good idea to cycle. The physical energy you get from Bromantane is second to none in my experience.
I'm wondering if im getting good enough sublingual absorption? Today i had 30 mg sublingual for over 10 minutes and noticed there was still piece of compact powder that didn't dissolve. I read of others using a bit of warm olive oil to help absorption. I might try a drop or two tomorrow.

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