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Bitcoin Giveaway
This is the main thread for the May/April 2020 Bitcoin giveaway. I will update this later with more specific information so stay tuned!
Nice! Saw the vid and made a coin base account today! I don't know where to find my address though??

Mags I will post a video with more information soon.
Sent PM with address. Cofeee cheeeeerz
wohoooo will send you my address are the fbi?
I'll try my luck then
Seems good to me fallonians
Hey I just created my coinbase On your last video you said it's hard for you to make those kind of tutorial videos I think it's unnecessary now. It will just put you more hustle i like your videos the way it is now please
Nice bro...mixing it up with these giveaways. Gonna see about setting up Coinbase. Seems like they want your ID? Not worried about it if they are a reputable company. I'm learning more about Bitcoin, want to start stacking some of these overseas noots.


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