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Best phenibut version?
I'm looking at phenibut HCL, FAA, and f-phenibut. Does anyone have recommendations on the best version and the differences in your experience?
I switch between hcl and faa throughout a month. One could say faa is stronger but i used hcl before with very pronounced effects. Hcl only works for me first thing in the morning with empty stomach 16 - 20 oz of water. Faa i can pretty much take anytime even after a meal, since its for sublingual use.

Never tried f phenibut
Phenibut HCL - The most common form of Phenibut. Phenibut HCL is Phenibut combined with a Hydrochloride salt. The HCL component provides a number of applications in a pharmaceutical setting. It is often used to increase the absorption of certain compounds and also allows the medication to be taken orally. Because of its acidic nature, Phenibut HCL should be taken orally and not sublingually (under the tongue.) Phenibut HCL is very stable and typically has a long storage life. The powder comes in crystal form.

Phenibut FAA - Phenibut FAA (Free Amino Acid) is raw Phenibut without the HCL component. The powder has the consistency of flour, unlike HCL which is crystalline. Phenibut in the raw has a neutral PH level and can be taken be under tongue. Some find taking Phenibut FAA in this way preferable. This route of administration allows you to bypass the stomach, instead letting the Phenibut dissolve under the tongue where it's absorbed into the blood stream through small veins. The acidic nature of Phenibut HCL can upset the stomach making Phenibut FAA preferable.

F-Phenibut - F-Phenibut (Fluorophenibut) is often referred to as a several fold more potent derivative of Phenibut, although little research is available to back up these claims. It is claimed to have higher affinity as a GABA B agonist. F-Phenibut cannot be taken sublingually. Interesting enough, the consistency of the powder is more like Phenibut FAA rather than HCL despite its acidic nature. F-Phenibut is a much more difficult compound to source, making HCL or FAA more popular.

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