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Aniracetam - MondialK
Alright, that was the first time I took one of the Racetams.

As I have expected it felt like a light version of Madafinil. 

I took 750 mg in the morning and another 750 mg in the early afternoon. 

After 45min I noticed a difference resulting in processing things faster, but also being focused, slightly better mood and cognition. 

It felt actually better than an ALCAR / L-Theanine combination.

Sure thing I am gonna order it again, having it at home is never a bad idea Smile

After 4 days of Aniracetam I am gonna take 3 days off and start with Bromandane on Monday. 30mg as a start cause I don't wanna have any sleeping problems.
Aniracetam is very nice. Interesting you find it similar to Modafinil. Personally for me it's very calming and delivers good clear focus. Lasts quite a while too. Decent anti anxiety response and some mood boosting components.

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