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Alpha GPC to -afinil Ratio
Good evening!

I am looking for info on the optimal Alpha GPC to (any) -afinil ratio to avoid headaches. I have responded well to Alpha GPC in the past, so I am choosing it as my choline source. 

Does the ratio change based on the -afinil?

Should I take them at the same time?

Thank you for your time.
For me Modafinil headaches are usually a result of dehydration and low electrolyte intake. Staying hydrated and getting electrolytes like Potassium and salt help tons. I don't find Choline to be particularly beneficial but that's just my personal chemistry.
Thanks for the advice, Fallon.
I do find small amounts of Choline can help with the headaches, even cheep Bitartrate works well. Not sure if there's any golden ratio or hard and fast rules, probably if you respond well to Choline your body can handle a range of doses.

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