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Tianeptine Vendors
Thanks madCabby and myBB engine. The tianeptine was for my lady friend and she's been really moody so I put off that and ordered the fluo modafinil from because I like adrafinil like once or twice a week when it's going to be a 10 hour day , starting at 6am. I though the French fluo modafinil will be much better for me since it's the stuff and not the precursor. I realize now with my lady friends crazy mood swings I should order some tianeptine tonight. Her Dr. or dare I say lackey sorcerer keeps giving her more and more drugs that only make things worse . I've heard great things about low doses of tianeptine throughout the day that I'm going to get it and tell her to quit the quack Dr. And just give tianeptine a try for 1 month. Thank you all for your input, we can't rely on dr.s to do anything other than what their told to prescribe people so it up to us to take responsibility for our own health , ps don't under any circumstances get a vaccine.

Is the French fluo modafinil more powerful than the modafinil from India . I trust French medicine more than eastern countries because French people for the most part care about making good nootropics and eastern country's don't care about Westerners health, they only care about profit.
I do have one to recommend, but who just sell to distributors, not retail, have MOQ request as 50grams.

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