Temazepam 30mg Experience Report

temazepam review and experience


Tonight I crack off a post under the heavy influence of a particularly interesting hypnotic compound called Temazepam. (I might cross post this to Erowid.)

Temazepam (Restoril) is a hypnotic drug in the Benzodiazepine class of compounds used specifically for insomnia. I’ve used it a handful of times and will occasionally partake in a nice dose for recreational purposes. Talk to anyone who knows anything about Benzos and they will tell you Temazepam is one of the best in the business. They are also extremely difficult to come by and from what I’ve heard, doctors simply aren’t prescribing them like they used to back in the golden days. CHERISH THEM if they ever grace your path.

What led me to popping one tonight was an immediate access to the compound along with a sense of boredom and a general feeling of over stimulation. Lately I’ve been stacking up hard with stimulating nootropics and its time for a break. In the case of racetams I can go full blown manic mode if I’m not careful. It’s crucial to wind down and recharge.

The rain here in my city has forced me indoors where I go stir crazy from no sun and no outside contact. I am unable to exercise – something I consider an essential cornerstone to my overall mental health. When the body is strong, the mind is strong and you do not feel the impulse to reach for Brave New World style solutions to problems.

Babbling aside, Temazepam is a unique experience. It starts off very slow. In fact, you don’t feel anything for the first hour. MAYBE you feel just slightly relaxed, like your tension has been ratcheted down 50%. Still, you can tell the days stress is still present. At this point you completely write off the compound as largely ineffective. This is where Temazepam smacks you right in the fucking face.

By hour 2 the mind has been quieted and spirits have been lifted. The lips become looser and you talk all kinds of shit and banter to your friends. Anxiety is greatly reduced. You start to feel a little hungry so you go into the kitchen to make a ham sandwich. When you stand up you feel the signature jelly effect in your limbbs. You have officially been reduced to a wet noodle. Noodlefied, you struggle to gain footing. The mind though is strong enough to see you through these times. All available resources are called into action as the lizard brain engages. You have the Benzo munchies and nothing will stop you from grabbing a quick goodie from the kitchen. You grab some type of easy thing to make, maybe you pop a couple hot pockets in the microwave. In this inhibited state you forget all about that special diet of rabbit food you’re on.

Ever so slowly the compound coarses through your body becoming stronger, marshaling every resource possible to strap you up with a load of cinder blocks and toss you deep down into the river of dreams. If you’re a normal person you go straight to bed. If you’re anything like me you force yourself to stay up to do more work.

FUN FACT: Did you know Temezepam along with other hypnotic drugs are heavily used in the military? Check out NO GO PILLS. (Yes, that’s what they call them!) They also have GO PILLS which are mostly amphetamine based. Another compound on the list? MODAFINIL OF COURSE! I always knew those dudes were stacked up!! I’ve always said, if you don’t have Modafinil it’s time to get stacked up immediately.

Cracking on…

It must be the 30mg of Noopept I took earlier in the day keeping me steady and focused. Even though my eyes weigh heavy, even though my limbs feel like overcooked spaghetti noodles, I forge on, allowing the words to spill from the keyboard and onto this post.

I know I will sleep good tonight.

And when you wake up the series of events that got you to this moment are blurred and fuzzy.

All you know is you slept like a damn baby and there are remnants of food everywhere.


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