Stacking Phenibut and Alcohol


Today we’re talking about a truly explosive recreational stack. I’m talking about combining Phenibut and Alcohol together to create one hell of a night out, or in depending on your preference. Now, before I get crack into my own experiences combining Phenibut and Alcohol I must issue a disclaimer – I do not condone nor recommend this combination. Combine these two powerful substances at your own risk, and whatever you do, be safe about it!

All across the internet you hear horror stories from both alcohol and Phenibut. Everyday there is a new story about someone who blacked out at the bar from drinking too much. Everyday there is someone who gets on a nootropics forum and complains that Phenibut gave them the worst anxiety they’ve ever experienced.

So who in their right mind would even think about combining Phenibut and Alcohol? Well, there are a number of people out there including myself who respond very well to both of these substances. For me, alcohol puts me in the most energized state. Phenibut relaxes my nerves to the point of total relaxation, allowing a powerful confidence to ripple to the surface.

Combining Phenibut and Alcohol to me is an extremely enjoyable experience.

What’s the problem combining Phenibut and Alcohol

The problem for most people is they get way too drunk. The Phenibut potentiates the power of the alcohol and before they know it, it feels like a Mac track has sideswiped them out of nowhere. They wake up the next day with a terrible hangover and little to no memory of the night before. Phenibut is similar to Benzos in this matter. Perhaps you’ve experimented with something like Xanax and drinking. While Phenibut is nowhere near as strong, the blackout effects can be the same.

It should be noted that Xanax, Phenibut, and Alcohol effect the GABA system in your brain. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for calming down overly excited nerves. This is why a stiff drink or a good dose of Phenibut instantly calms you down. Your brain begins to modulate the GABA receptors resulting in a deep peace.

Unfortunately, messing with these neurotransmitters is not without consequences. Too much of a substance can mean a serious overload for your mind and body, and then the whole system shuts down. Combine 2 or more substances effecting the GABA system and you have a potential recipe for disaster.

Should you experiment with Phenibut and Alcohol?

Experiment if you want a recreational experience. I personally got into nootropics to enhance my mental functioning, not shut it down. What you do is start with a very small dose of Phenibut, maybe 500mg or less. Wait to see how you react an hour later and only then begin to introduce alcohol into the mix. You’ll quickly know if the combination is too much. Perhaps you’ll get drowsy. Or maybe your body will absolutely love the stuff and you’ll fall into a blissful trance. My personal favorite thing to do is listen to music.

Avoid this combination if you have an addictive personality. The addict inside of you won’t stop until you’re deep in the middle of a blackout. Nobody likes waking up the next day not knowing what happened the night before.


Be very cautious with Phenibut and Alcohol. If you choose to experiment, make sure you get your Phenbut from a reliable source and start with small doses until you become acclimated to the effects. If you have any questions please feel free to send a message to my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and until next time!


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