Smarter Cannabis

Smarter Cannabis

Ladies and gentleman,

Today I launched a brand new Ebook for the stoners and Cannabis consumers.

This is Smarter Cannabis. It’s a $14 dollar 3000+ word Ebook specially formulated and written for the stoner who wants to regain their brain function. Essentially, get all the good things out of Cannabis and minimize the bad things like poor memory and failing cognition. This is especially important if you’ve been using Cannabis long term and have noticed sharp declines in mental faculties. DOUBLY important if you’re getting into your older years.

I also specifically dedicated an entire section on why you might not enjoy Cannabis anymore. The exact reasons Cannabis is producing anxiety, panic, paranoia and other negative mental states.

I went deep into the Cannabis trenches to discover Nootropics and protocols to completely wipe out the negative cognitive effects of Cannabis. And trust me, there are plenty of negative effects with chronic Cannabis use. I do not believe Cannabis is the devil but I also do not believe it’s an angel either.

In this Ebook I cover everything you need to know about using Cannabis the smart way. The Nootropics you need, the dosages, and how to use Cannabis intelligently. I also cover choosing the right Cannabis products for your personal chemistry – this includes exploring the CBD component in Cannabis and also exploring Terpene profiles which give you the results you want (mood boost, anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, etc.)

Learn to enjoy Cannabis once again and make it work for you, not against you.

This is must have information if you consume Cannabis and want to THRIVE on the cognitive level.

Check it out here.

Cannabis CHEERS!

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Adrian Rezvani
Adrian Rezvani
3 months ago

Hello! I was interested in purchasing the ebook “smarter cannbis”, but I’ve been checking back for the last couple of weeks and for some reason the page to purchase the book won’t load up. Any way I can buy it directly from you? Thank you

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