Get stoned not dumb. The ultra guide to using Cannabis and keeping your brain. 



You love smoking and consuming Cannabis. This is true.

...But haven’t you noticed the sharp decline in your mental functioning recently? While Cannabis has a range of benefits, improving your memory and cognitive functioning is certainly not one of them. In fact, scientific literature has demonstrated significant negative consequences to short term memory and brain function. Can you even remember the last time you had a dream? Cannabis notably makes your dreams disappear and dramatically reduces your REM sleep – the phase of sleep responsible for dreams and storing memories. This is BAD for long term brain function and memory.

Perhaps you have also noticed a number of other negative side effects…

Brain fog

Anxiety and PANIC (Cannabis no longer fun)

Low energy

Trouble remembering things and organizing thoughts

Having to re-read things over and over

Having to re-read things over and over

Having to re-read things over and over

Difficulty speaking and coming up with things to say

Low libido


Feeling dull

Feeling emotionless

Difficulty finding enjoyment in life

No motivation

Yes, Cannabis is certainly not doing any favors for your brain. The good news? You can keep smoking and regain your brain function.

In this 3000+ word ebook I break down EXACTLY how Cannabis is cooking your brain…

And offer all the solutions so you can keep puffing away. Within the guide you will find a mixture of Nootropics, supplements, and Canna-hacks guaranteed to clear the fog for good.

Crush the anxiety...reclaim your dreams...and get your memory back for good.

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