Rupharma Vendor Review

When it comes to Nootropics it’s hard to top the Russians. They’ve had a hand in creating some of the best Nootropics on the market. Nootropics like Noopept, Phenylpiracetam, Semax, and Phenibut are staples in many medicine cabinets. They even have a ton of little known Nootropics. Just recently I discussed my experiences with Etifoxine and in future reviews I’ll be diving deep into other interesting compounds like Mexidol, Picamilon, and Bromantane.

The problem is, where do you find these compounds? While you can find compounds like Noopept, Phenylpiracetam, and Phenibut, many of the really good stuff remains hidden.


Rupharma is a Russian vendor and stocks an impressive supply of compounds. I read about Rupharma on Reddit and began checking out their products. Their products range from Nootropics to performance enhancement, to antidepressants and anti anxiety compounds. The online store boasts an impressive amount of compounds you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Orignal Russian Phenylpiracetam from Rupharma

Is Rupharma legit?

I had notable reservations about the company before I made a purchase. I felt the same way ordering Modafinil for the first time. Modafinil is of course shipped from India. You typically pay with bitcoins on a site that does everything in its power to make you NOT trust the vendor. Seriously, some of these websites need serious upgrades. There’s something about ordering these compounds online that has a black market feel, like if you order something you’ll get scammed….out of MILLIONS!

rupharma order

HOWEVER! I took the plunge and placed my first order through the company. I received a legit looking confirmation email as well as an option to login to my account. Once you place an order you’ll receive an email and a link to login to your account. You’ll also be emailed anytime there is a change to the status of your order. For instance, once your package ships you’ll be alerted and given a tracking number.

Shipping times

Shipping times in my experience take at minimum one week. It’s not uncommon to wait anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks. If you live in the United States, your package will spend at least a week in U.S. customs before it clears.

I know we live in the days of Amazon prime and fast shipping but it’s crucial to understand that ordering from other countries is clearly going to take more time.

Payment methods

Currently Rupharma only accepts Bitcoins. If you’ve made multiple purchases with them you get added to a VIP list and gain the privilege of using a regular credit card. This seems to be a common trend with many Nootropics companies. Credit card processors consider them high risk due to the amount of charge backs and elevated chances of legal repercussions. I know some people are completely turned off by the idea of using Bitcoin but it’s not technical or difficult to learn at all. I have a whole tutorial here you can check out.

Video review


I’ve successfully ordered from Rupharma twice now and can honestly recommend them as a trustworthy vendor. I have post outlining the most popular Russian Nootropics. Check that post out and consider experimenting with something new!

Thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Rupharma Vendor Review”

  1. The productos only made me stomach ulcer, itchy tongue, horrible headache, skin rash, burning throat, and I have bought products Piracetam -Lucetam- (made me a serious damage) and Meldonium (horrible).
    I recomended all the people that are reading this review that please don’t take any pills of something that you needn’t
    Talk with your doctor or take natural substances or pills but not medical pills that only will damage your Health!! Please!!
    Probably a cancer or similar disease for taking this pills.
    Save your life and think that happiness is to accept oneself like you are

  2. It had been 8 weeks since I paid my…
    It had been 8 weeks since I paid my order. No sign of getting it. Look like fraud. After many emails they asked for bank account to make refund. One and a half months later no refund. Don’t lose your money with them. I am aid 360 euro and got nothing!!!!

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