Using Piracetam For Depression

nootropics stack for depression

I’ve experimented with countless nootropics over the years but I find myself always coming back to good old Piracetam. It just works, and for an impressive spectrum of problems and ailments of the mind.

What follows in this post is a personal account of how I’ve used Piracetam to succesfully keep the black dog of depression bridaled and at bay.

How Piracetam effects the brain

The extent of how Piracetam effects the brain has yet to be fully explored and revealed to us. We do know a few things however Рfor starters, Piracetam is tied in to the Acetycholine system. Taking Piracetam  burns through excess stores of Choline to create this crucial neurotransmitter responsible for memory and learning. Interestingly enough, too much Choline in the brain is associated with depression and feeling low. Depression is an often reported side effect of using Choline boosters like Alpha GPC.

We also know Piracetam increases oxygen utilization and a handful of studies discuss its ability to increase communication across both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is interesting stuff indeed.

My personal experience with Piracetam and depression

The first time I took depression I immediately noticed positive benefits well beyond what you could call a placebo. For one, my daily anxiety had almost all but vanished and there was a clear boost in mood. I began to see the world in a much more logical way, I was seeing things in systems and patterns. Was this the left side of my brain kicking in? Since I could remember I always had difficulties grasping logical concepts, seeing patterns, and figuring out mechanical related problems. After taking the Piracetam I noticed my acumen for this mode of thinking was greatly enhanced. I “intuitively” understood.

What happened next solidified the power of Piracetam in my mind forever. I was walking along a path when suddenly my mind flashed back to a childhood memory I had completely forgotten about. That’s when I knew this was more than just a placebo effect. That was a REAL experience you couldn’t just imagine out of nothing. I continued walking in a stunned amazement. Where the hell did that come from? The Piracetam was certainly taking hold in my brain.

Over the course of using the rest of the Piracetam powder I noticed many other positive effects. My vocabulary was enhanced. I found myself using words I usually never used, and constructing sentences in the most fluid and elegant of ways. My language became something truly magical, and dare I say, masterful.

What happens to me on Piracetam is a thing of beauty. Instead of getting crushed and grounded down by my usual depressed mood, I am energized to create and add value to my life and to others. When you have a general sense of depression, you are self loathing, self absorbed, and can’t motivate. In the case of major depression, you cannot get out of bed, take a shower, or even make yourself food. At the center of your soul lies a black hole which crushes you both mentally and physically. The body becomes weak and frail. The mind is numb and atrophied. Basic tasks seem like impossible feats.

When I am feeling that hopeless sense of dread begin to kick in, I grab my piracetam and generously pour a healthy amount into any liquid I can find. Yes, this stuff tastes like shit and you should measure out your dose properly. I recommend 4 grams. I then make a strong cup of coffee. Let me tell you, by the time I’m done with that coffee my brain is firing on all cylinders and ready to attack the day.

Today for instance, my feeling was one of lowness and general self loathing. As usual, I was pondering the pointlessness of existence. The mundaneness of doing the same thing over and over again. The thought of another day. No girlfriend. Almost 30. No career. Although my business endeavors are slowly showing signs they can sustain me, I feel growth is too slow. I know that today I will require a strong dose of Piracetam.

After dosing and drinking coffee I feel a burst of creativity. I grab my guitar, mic up, and hit record. I spent all day recording music, listening to music, talking about music. In fact, I even forgot about what depression was, or that I had it. I was in the flow of life.

Piracetam places my mind in the flow of life where creativity and forward motion is the only currency that matters. In this zone, time does not exist. I am aware of only the thing in front of me. No ground below, no sky above. The simple joys of creation. After all of this, I sit down to write this post which will end up being roughly 1000+ words. In my depressed state, the best I can hope for is a day where I eat very little and mindlessly scroll through my phone, looking at so much bullshit. So much crap I have nothing to do with. So much crap I myself did not create.

Piracetam juices up my brain in a way I have yet to experience with any other nootropic. It has unique effects you’re not going to get from anything else. The compound is nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

Final thoughts

I cannot speak for how Piracetam will effect you or others. Of course you can go on Reddit or some other forum and find cases where Piracetam didn’t work, or produced negative effects. If you dig deep enough though you will also find plenty of cases where Piracetam has been nothing short of a profound gift.

Through my research and long term use of using nootropics like Piracetam I have concluded a few things. First, those who stand to benefit most will be those with the most cognitive deficits. If your brain is foggy, if you’re depressed, if you’re having difficulty completing small tasks, there’s a good chance Piracetam is going to blow you away and clear out the mental garbage.

Second, I also know that the only way to know if Piracetam will work for your depression is if you pick some up. I get my Piracetam from Peak Nootropics.

Have a question about Piracetam? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading.


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3 years ago

Severe anxiety inhibits me from doing the most menial of tasks. For example: last week I had a full day of stomach knotting anxiety because I knew I had to call my service provider to have my internet required. The smallest things just freeze me up. Phenibut works great to help me regulate, but I can’t take it more than once a week. Do you think Piracetam would help alleviate some of that anxiety? I work in a job that requires me be in front of an audience and its very, very difficult to work productively when I’m having an off day, so….I’m searching for something that will basically just let me…shine, I guess. I just want to be happy and functional. Are there other Nootropics that can help with alleviating daily anxiety while promoting motivation? Sorry for the long post/question.

3 years ago
Reply to  Fallon

Thank you for this and the email today on another anti-anxiety stack!! I will def try both…I had tried Ashw. before and…i dont know if it was does improperly, or because i was taking capsules instead of a a tea or what, but i never got it to work for me so i never took it again. I will def try a different source though.

Burkhard BORCKE
Burkhard BORCKE
1 year ago

Thanks Fallon! I will try Paracetamol once more.It was a prescription medicine against dementia in Germany.
There is a mistake in the text:
“The first time I took depression I immediately noticed positive benefits well beyond what you could call a placebo. ”
See it?

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